You take your eye off the veg patch for a few days and an Amazonian Forest starts to form. Clearly rain rather than warm sunshine is the secret to greenery. Now where did I plant the spring onions?

An email from school made me smile. I notified school of the hospital issue and told them that Son would be out of action for a while. I would speak to school on Monday with an update. Then on Friday night the email at 11.30pm. Son had apparently failed to satisfactory submit work for one subject on Friday. Son immediately guessed which was the only subject that would do this. Why is it always DRAMA. Why is Drama always a drama. Following a rather snotty midnight parent email the teacher quickly apologised on Saturday. On the plus side there are only 2 more weeks to the summer holidays. After that Son has elected to drop the subject (assuming he goes back). So only two more hours of Drama left. How much drama can be squeezed into those 120 minutes…..

43 thoughts on “Drama

  1. I wish he had a better Drama teacher. If he was alloed to learn to act, he might be able to put himself into a character’s head, and maybe learn things he cannot by being only himself. Learning all the details if Drama, that has little use unless one wants to be a producer or director. Acting is about people being people. Good luck, Gary.

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      1. It’s the people who create the cirriculum who should be ashamed. At tlhe level or grade your son is in, they should be learning how to perform. But obviously the “authorities” have no idea what a child is. What they’re teaching the kids should be taught in English Language class, ie spelling class, or in university or drama school. Why are your kids not allowed to have fun at school? Learning what the schools teach is boring enough as it is, and mostly useless outside the classroom.
        In my 70 years of life I doubt I have used even 10% of what I was taught in school.

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  2. It makes me angry and sad that his Drama teacher is like that!!
    My Drama class was actual theater. The people who wanted to act could audition for parts, if they didnt want to act they did crew… set, costumes, makeup, lights…
    And best of all… everyone was a “weirdo”. It was such a wonderfully inclusive group!! I just think Son could shine in an environment like that.

    Grrrr! Rory is going to be jealous of your garden😉😂💌💌

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  3. Oh, how terrible! I can only imagine how hard Drama would be for someone with Autism/Asperger’s. I did Drama in High School, I loved the acting bit, but hated everything else >.< My teacher played favourites, so the same people got the big parts. I did get the main lead in the play before the big one, and I was raved about =D I was a murderess,lol. Wish I could remember what it was called. I'm pretty sure it was based on a real person.

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