A brief moment of colour before the next band of rain arrives. And yes it’s still two jumper (sweater) weather.

As a child my Dad created a reasonably large pond in the garden. He filled it with little goldfish. It was a haven for wildlife. A protected haven. It had its very own guard dog. Our large family dog called Mick. Mick was lovely but he had issues. He took his guarding the ‘family and the garden’ role very seriously. He bit a postman. He then bit a policeman. It’s amazing how quickly some people learn to understand the meaning of a garden gate sign. Do not enter – Dog who will bite strangers beyond this gate……So he was not a chap to be messed with. And the garden pond fell under his care. Fish, small creatures and small birds were most welcome. He would even let the small birds drink from his water bowl. Unfortunately the same privileges were not granted to larger creatures and large birds. So strangely they quickly learnt that Darwin might have a point and they had better quickly adapt. Adapt meaning give that particular garden a wide berth. A policy which was also observed by the postal and police services.

That garden pond is a long time ago. Since then I have never had a pond. That is until last week. Bad weather interrupted a garden tidy up session. So the wheelbarrow contained a few pulled up weeds. However the rain has transformed the scene. The weeds are doing rather well in the slightly damp conditions. I’m calling that a pond. Just lacking some goldfish and a guard dog called Mick.

68 thoughts on “Pond

  1. Ah, we never had a pond, either.

    Helloooo! Ugh, I hate I can’t get on here daily, but one must take the minutes one gets. My little Bs begin summer school today–online, that is. It’s a little disappointing to me, as they’re so desperate for time with kids that aren’t each other, but if this means the kids aren’t wandering over to where I work and flopping over with “I’m boooored” than I’ll take whatever summer school I can get. Blondie’s doing a drawing class; hopefully I can share her sketches soon!
    Hope you and yours are well. Enjoy a cozy movie and the smells of unique baking, and be sure to get a game of mud-football in the yard when it’s Laundry Day! xxxxx

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    1. You are so busy, it’s really nice when you do get a chance. The kids are missing out so much on childhood. Really hope the writing is happening, even if it’s only in little blocks. That’s something. I read a super wise blogger who told me that a few days back. Look after yourself. xxxxxx

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  2. When we were digging up the garden in the cottage, not only did we find enough bricks to practically build a second property, but also unearthed several pond liners. It explained the invasion of frogs on our lawn as they tried to ‘go home’.

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  3. I think you’re on to something. In the light of the bake comp you’ve been plugging, why not put some ingredients in a bowl leave out in the rain and … tada! You have a unique Yorkshire pud… I give you ‘pond cake’

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