This counts as excitement here in Yorkshire. We know how to live on the edge.

I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore. It’s more associated with being the day that we lost our mum. But I did start a new tradition. It would almost become a second birthday for our son. If the Queen can have two birthdays then so can Hawklad. So I get him his favourite cake, that’s buy it not bake it (wouldn’t do that to him). He gets to eat his favourite meal which is probably pizza at the moment. We would normally have a trip out somewhere but not this year…. Finally he gets a present. So what present does he want this year.

I’ve been giving it some thought and decided.”

My money is on either a computer game or maybe a wrestling figure.

I would like Chilli Soup.”

What as your special meal?

No as my present. That way I get two special meals.”

Well you can have two special meals this year and still have a present.

No will stick to the Chilli Soup as a present. “

I’m not like the Genie in the Lamp. Not going to hold you strictly to three wishes. Plus I struggle to count past 2 these days. You can still have a present.”

No that’s the deal this year.”


Well he’s going to get his Chilli Soup. It’s either going to be Beef Or Pumpkin Chilli. He’s going to get his pizza night. AND yes he’s going to get a present, just need to think of one now. Maybe a joint present. One we both can enjoy. That would kinda work.

58 thoughts on “Live on the edge

  1. Iโ€™m thankful you are buying and not baking his cake. Thatโ€™s present enough I feel. My boys love my birthday because I make it about them. That way it becomes exciting again for everyone, including me.

    Iโ€™m thinking of a present you could buy that youโ€™d both love to share with each other. ๐Ÿค”

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  2. You really put a lot of thought and love in parenting. Why aren’t there more like you? I would be interested to know how many other parents like yourself are so impressive. Happy Birthday, by the way…

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  3. i adore your kid…from here he seems balanced and oh-so-on pointe.One of my grandsons is very similar in his spontaneous assessments of things and it makes me swoon that i actually contributed to his DNA…:)

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