Our so called leader has dragged himself away from his champagne glass and has spoken. Apparently it is morally indefensible to keep schools closed. After his little bit of work he can go back to doing what he likes doing best. Looking after himself.

Schools do need to reopen when it is safe to do so for kids, teachers, support staff, families and the wider community. No one will argue with that. We need to strengthen the support to families whose kids cannot return.

But I’m sorry. I am not going to take moral lectures from that man. A man who won’t even admit how many kids he actually has fathered. A man who claims 60000 deaths is a great result for him. A man who turned his back on care homes in their hour of need. A man who demanded complete adherence to lockdown rules then turned a blind eye to his chief adviser and father when they broke them. A man who is more than happy to dish out millions to his friends via dodgy contracts, all in the name of emergency rules. A man prepared to send in warships to stop a handful of desperate migrants (including children) reaching our shores. A man who has been repeatedly sacked for lying. A man whose government views kids taking time off for bereavement as an extended holiday.

I will take moral guidance from other sources but most certainly not from him.

70 thoughts on “Time for a winge

  1. It is such a struggle. So many teachers deciding to take early retirement to save their lives. Other teachers wrestling with Covid protocols. Parents trying to balance safety for their child and trying to survive financially. We are all left with making the best decision we can for ourselves as individually. Our leadership is morally bankrupt. I wish you well keeping your family safe.

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  2. I definitely don’t blame ya. Love the photo of the nasturtium. It brings back memories of my first childhood home and my mom’s garden. After she showed my brother and I that nasturtiums have a sweet nectar my little brother and I we’re always out in the garden picking all of her flowers. 😂 Poor mom. That lesson kind of back fired. 😀

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  3. I will be the first to be putting my son back into school as soon as they are open.

    BUT…. I really think the unions or someone need to do something, as a profession its the only on that seems to be invincible from COVID, according to this government. Its the only thing I can’t think of, for why you have to wear masks in shops, have to stay one meter away from people still, can’t have a party. Yet you can go and teach in a class of up to 30 small people, some have no idea how to social distance.

    I get why the government are forcing the issue, but they need to start listening to the fears of the teachers

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  4. Ol BoJo and Orange Idjit are quite the pair, eh?!

    California’s Governor said schools may NOT reopen until we have a better handle on the Kootie, until idjits stop gathering in big numbers without masks and until we have protocols that keep EVERYONE as safe as possible.

    I miss the Alone Time after waving goodbye to the Glorious Little Yellow School Bus, but not enough to risk anyone’s health or life over. Sheesh!

    I think I need to look at the flower some more… and breathe…💌

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  5. Well said! You and you alone are responsible for your son’s well-being, and his well-being is NOT best served by being in a classroom where he would undoubtedly be exposed to a deadly disease. More and more, BoJo is sounding like Donnie. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs!

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  6. Oh wow… why are politicians so horrible?? He sounds atrocious! Wicked!

    I don’t listen to Trump either. Ugh when he speaks I cringe cause he’s just clueless. And we sit in his hands. Bleh 👎

    Your guy also sounds like a piece of work…

    Wait a minute… Brexit? I know they are dividing UK from European Union… where do you live in regards to that? And would he still be your leader? Why do they want that? Does that separate it into a new country?

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