The old Apple Tree. Definitely enjoying the sun and the rare windless conditions. A good day for a garden meeting.

Well today didn’t go as planned.

Son was primed for his garden meet-up with his new nurse counsellor. These things don’t come easy to him. Often it’s about trying to build a bond. A bridge. Only when that link is formed can any meaningful work be commenced. He had that link with his last person, we can only hope a similar one is formed again.

So yes he was as ready as he could be. The garden was setup…..

Then the call from Nurse Reception. Unfortunately the counsellor had taken ill in the car and had turned back. Headed home. Really sorry and they will rebook the session when the counsellor is back at work.

So hope that she is alright. These things happen. But the irony.

A session to work on Hawklads Health and Pandemic related fears cancelled due to illness.

The irony has not been lost on him. Oh sorry forget, HES not supposed to get things like irony….. A Doctor once said that to him during a consultation. Hawklad fixed him with a Paddington Bear Stare and said “Are you a proper Doctor?”. The Doctor looking a bit flustered and talked about his qualifications. Hawklad them calmly said “ok a Doctor but clearly not a very good one…..”.

So we just have to wait for another appointment. Absolutely no idea when that will be. Probably after schools go back in September? That’s another potential return complication. It’s certainly added a little to his fears, now. When the meeting does happen I’m betting on Hawklad asking for the garden chairs to be further spaced apart. Thats something which won’t happen at school.

We dust ourselves off and we just have to go again. The cancellation may be for the best. Stops anything unpleasant coming into our safe area. Plus it forces me to do something rather than rely on others. Just got to up my game.

Yes another odd Monday.

69 thoughts on “The Irony

  1. I burst out laughing at what Hawklad said. ๐Ÿ˜€ It reminded me of something that happend on wordpress. I was reading this terrible post on depression. This person claimed to be a doctor. My thought at the end of the post was this guy is not a doctor. I so wanted to comment “You’re not a doctor.” But I resisted. Hawklad is so very bright. Yep, very sharp.

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  2. Ugh!! I hope the nurse is okay, but canceling is MUCH better than showing up sick. That would certainly have sent Hawklad into a major spiral. Too bad though… Dang Murphy and his cousin Sod.

    Do you know what the opposite of “Irony” is?

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  3. How synchronistic. Today my son was supposed to meet with his therapist and he was up most of the night with a horrendous headache that included projectile vomiting this morning just as I got up. Needless to say, we rescheduled. I hope Hawklad’s able to get in a meeting before school starts up again. I have to say that meeting in a garden sounds quite lovely. My son’s therapist’s office is open once again, so instead of meeting online, it’s once again in person.

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