This is one of those posts that start with a single thought. No real idea of the direction. Yes it starts with me being reflective.

When I’ve been at my lowest points in life, I’ve felt so very alone. Maybe the two go together. It’s such a hard thing to describe. The world closing in on me. Darkness and a lack of hope surrounding me. But worse is the feeling that I am alone. There is no one who understands me. No one who really cares. No one to turn to. No one who will just listen. Even those close to you seaming so distant, so utterly unable or unwilling to understand. The two worst emotions for me – No Hope and Being Alone. Here’s the thing. That wasn’t actually the case, it just felt like it. I had closed my eyes. Stopped looking. Started listening to the negative voice in my head.

But I’ve been so fortunate. Even in those dark times, I’ve managed to eventually find something which has pulled me through. Either a caring hand or a flicker of hope. That’s all it takes sometimes. But don’t believe for one moment that it is easy. Just reading a few words probably ain’t going to do it. Sadly too many don’t find a positive way. Having been in those dark places I can so understand that now. It’s so hard to pull yourself out of the darkness alone. AND it does feel like you are completely alone.

For those in the darkness. I send you my thoughts and love. I just hope you find something. That caring hand. That bit of hope. The will or energy to reach out. You may find that beacon of light already close to you but often it doesn’t come from the obvious sources. But so often IT IS THERE. WE can do this.

55 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. What a wonderful post and picture. Low points and feeling alone go hand in hand, tethered by the thought nothing good will ever come again. But your words offer hope to those who are struggling as so many are right now.

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  2. You’re being my matching sock again. 😀 I was just working on tomorrow’s post this morning…. I did do some reflecting, too, so, yes, I smiled really big when I saw the word “reflection.”

    There IS always hope. I don’t like those dark places. I don’t like to see anyone in those dark places. Wonderful post. Keep being super.

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  3. Fabulous photo and so apt for your post.
    Been there in the depths of darkness and feeling alone. I found an ally in my doctor and boss.
    The rest is history now.
    I offer the same as you Gary, my thoughts, love and hope to those who feel alone.

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  4. We often don’t know how fortunate and blessed we are until we lose it all. I believe that we humans are at this point in time as a species. What you and I are facing in these dark and uncertain times–made visible by Hawklad’s response to his environment–is, in my view, our inability as a species to appreciate our interconnection and interdependence with each other and all other living species on our planet.

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  5. And only because you have been there you find the most compassionate and encouraging words, Gary. What you wrote here is grounded and understanding which is exactly what people need who are at such a lowest point where they feel completely cut off the rest of the world. I am sorry that you have been through so much but what a blessing you are for others because of sharing your way out of the depth!

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  6. I have been in that darkness too. It’s so, so difficult and lonely. I write about all the things that have happened and still happen in the hope that, like you said, someone will stumble across my words and know they’re not alone.
    We ARE getting through this! One tiny step at a time.👣💌

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  7. Accept there will be bad days. Then eat chocolate, watch comedy on TV and avoid the news.

    It seems superficial compared to some of the wise words you have been given, but it will help. So will writing. But I think you know that already.

    Great sheep picture!

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  8. Yeah me too… but that’s just the “feeling”… in fact many feel that way and don’t speak it. We don’t know this cause is usually not spoken of…

    You would be surprised how if people spoke these things more freely … it comforts and releases and there are those who do understand

    I do hope that those who struggle through have a hand that reaches out to them!! It makes a world of difference!! ❤️

    Totally can do it!!!!

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