It’s hot in Yorkshire. Very hot for us. 🥵 86F (30C). That’s officially beyond Yorkshire’s Safe Operating Temperature. Law and Order will break down. The Ferrets will start to get unusually frisky. The Rhubard will go on strike. Cricketers might even have to unbutton their top shirt buttons. Those rather fetching knitted handkerchief hats will need to be donned….

In Yorkshire we have two expressions for this type of unusual weather.

It’s Mafting…….

It’s crackin’ t flags ……. translates to – it’s so hot the the paving stones are starting to crack.

It was too hot for my outside weights and kettlebell session. I definitely left a water trail marking out where my exercises took me. A nice run through a cool forest would have been ever so nice. The photo was from August 2019. Seems like a lifetime ago. Almost seems like a different world. A lot of things have changed for the worse. Some new really bad things have hit. Yes some life stuff has remained unchanged. And here is the crucial thing. A few things, some new stuff have definitely been an absolute blessing. It’s so easy to focus on the bad stuff but actually some wonderful things have happened. My Life is better because of those things.

So in 2020 when some days life seems unduly bad, I need to remember the good stuff. Yes life can and still will be tough. BUT it can also still be exceptionally beautiful. It can be a wonderful life.

86 thoughts on “Cool

  1. You say something so important here. Yes, it is so easy to focus on or get lost in the bad. I still don’t know why it is that way (why we are taught that way). Because there is so much good too at the same time. Of course, it depends on the level of “bad”. But some people truly only see the bad in every day while others don’t even recognize it because they are so busy enjoying the good.

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      1. We only need to open our eyes and we recognize that we won’t ever get it done to ever recognize everything that is surrounding us. Everything is there. The choice is ours…
        I am more than thankful that my book was one of those things that brought some light in your life.

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  2. It’s been very hot here too. 86F sounds like a reprieve to me. Are you not allowed to run out on trails because of COVID or are you unable to leave your son home for yourself to get away for a run?

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      1. That’s really too bad. I take it he is not keen on joining you for a run then? Is there a loop somewhere that he can stay within sight, perhaps timing you on each loop and cheering you on? Being housebound for so long sounds hard. Hope they figure something out with this soon.

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  3. Wonderful picture of the forest. It’s hot here too…very humid, the air is thick. We get cracking thunderstorms. I like them, the cats don’t! I love the drama and the energy! Not necessarily the damage.

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  4. Mafting, huh? Guess I better start using that one if I’m going to celebrate my Yorkshire DNA.
    It’s certainly going to be mafting here for the next week or two… nothing under 90°F (32°C) except at night when it will be low 70s (22°C).
    At least it will be cool enough to sleep without the noisy AC. See… the silver lining😁😉💌

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  5. My schedule has been all over the place this week because of different family problems/needs. But honestly, if I had the time I wasn’t venturing outside. It is so hot and humid I just turn to soup outside. Good message – there is a lot of good. It can be so easy to dwell on the bad, but just recognizing the good can be so helpful.

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      1. I have always had my strength skills – how I made it through that marriage.

        I am a strong woman.

        I think getting over fear is my biggest thing. But I’m getting there ✌️

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