We all have a story to tell. All stories are just as valid and important as the next one. Sadly many stories are not told. Well actually that’s incorrect. Sadly many stories are not heard. They are replaced by stereotypes. Too many jumping to conclusions. A view that fits better into the needs of so called modern society.

This week again stories of single parents coming from The Government and it’s Friends. Scrounging off society. Shying away from work. A life of luxury…. That fits in with the message. BUT Cut to a supermarket. A parent is struggling to control a child. Those knowing looks and tuts from other shoppers. They have no idea of the back story. Just how tired that parent is. Trying to figure out a way to feed the family with so little money. Trying to cope with zero help. Being crushed by anxiety and living no life at all. Crushed by circumstances. It’s often easier for some people to cast the first stone rather than offer a hand of support.

The story of kids with Autism and Aspergers again often not heard. Drowned out by stereotypes and unfounded assumptions. Each and every child is different, unique. Each child has their own back story. But so often we here – uncaring, cold, demonic, unfeeling, lacking empathy, no sense of humour, unable to love, a burden on society, low attainment, not really like a kid should be.

Wrong, wrong , wrong. Every child is unique. That’s the point of this blog. Others bloggers do it far better than my drivel. But we try to show the real story of our kids. Hawklad has Aspergers yet he can be funny, caring, have empathy, play games, understand others, be funny, have talents, be lovely, have dreams they want to achieve, have a sense of humour and love. All kids deserve a chance. Deserve a childhood. All kids.

Everyone has a unique story. Maybe as a society we need to start listening.

67 thoughts on “A story to tell – one

  1. So so so well said. An amazing post really. I don’t want to hear that “drivel” talk. Your posts are never drivel, Superdad, and this one is exceptionally good. I agree… all kids deserve a chance.

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  2. I am so tried of the whole “lacking empathy” thing. We Aspies do not lack empathy. It’s just that we have a hard time expressing it. Just like we have a hard time expressing other emotions. But they’re still there.

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    1. Oops, I don’t remember that being a “thing.” I supported a young woman with Aspergers back in the 80s, while it was still quite new in Canada. Once we learned to work together she showed me a lot of emotions. I truly cannot remember if empathy was one of them. Sadly enough, empathy was just getting a foothold in society itself. I can remember using sympathy one day without problem, the next day I was berated for not using empathy. That was too fast for me.

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      1. Here the media have a very blinkered view. But they take it from the Government. A former member of the government wrote a book about hacking. He basically said we need to guard against young kids with Aspergers who are a threat…….


  3. BRAVO!!👏👏🙌🙌 So well written! Ben is smart, caring and hysterically funny! Just like Hawklad, just like Robyn’s Declan & Cate… just like all the autistic adults too…

    Offering a hand, instead of a judgement would go so far, it might just change someone’s day, or life even…

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  4. We are so quick in judging others or situations. Even though many think of themselves as tolerant. It just happens so reflexively. I often catch myself that I judge before I even notice consciously that I did. Immediately, I clear my head and reverse my thinking. But I am really shocked when it happens again. Everybody has their stories and every situation has a story. Who are we to judge something just from a single moment? Thank you for bringing this up again, Gary!

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  5. Brilliant and brave my friend. We are at the fav place in Glencoe next weekend okay? And they made a boo today on their facebook page in some ways, I fully understand why they did it. But many of the comments were so utterly disgusting I am now thinking… if this is the kind of people you have staying there, I am sorry after all the years I booked, talking stereotypes and zero tolerance. I relate it to your post because every person on this planet has their own backstory. We should stop stereotyping anybody. We are all unique and all have glorious stories to tell. The next time some …donkey’s behind…. opens their mouth and brays out hat same behind, or his the press send on some vile comment, they need to stop and reflect on that. A kind hand actually means so much more in someone’s day.

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      1. That’s what I feel. it’s the nastiness of stereotyping espesh online where people can hide behind a keyboard. I think one commenter said something about they never knew there were so many fascists about and I think that sums it up in some ways. We all have the right to an opinion but there’s this increasing belief that our opinion is right. Yesterday our downstairs lad, who is 72 and an Amazon quite frankly, but on her own was in an awful state She got permission from the council to take down this tree. (This is a conservation area okay) Now you should have seen it. It had not been kept in years. We have the back garden here so we could do nowt about that tree and the fact that we looked out at the front on a wall of green that was nearly in our window. It was also badly rotting as it turned out. Anyway this old piece of … from across the road, who is moving away , having sold up, came and had a go at her, how dare she take down that lovely old tree–for the second time. He was followed by this ex community council member …again…not living with this thing and the danger it was creating, not to mention the damage it was doing the front wall, comes along and threatens legal action. SO we’ve said, they come again, you say, just wait, I’m going for my neighbours. I just thought here is another example of MY way is the right way and you don’t agree you are this, you are that and I am going to make you see …basically how very intolerant I am. . Getting harder to think the world is a wonderful place actually.

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  6. I agree with you… people are very fast to pass judgement on others before they understand the circumstances someone might be experiencing.

    I never judge because you have no idea what someone is walking through, or has walked through.

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