The old rose bush is going strong. Maybe a little frayed round the edges.

We had been watching the Will Smith movie, Gemini Man. Trying not to give the story away, basically you get a bit of the younger self getting to see the 50 year old version of yourself.

Hawklad was giving me a Paddington Bear stare.

Dad will I end up looking like you.”

Absolutely. The spitting image.

Really. What a nightmare.”

Its ok Hawklad, only joking. No you probably won’t. Apart from my eyelashes you are tending to look more like your mum.

What with the boobs.”

NOoooo. Your winding me up now. Excluding the female stuff, your face and hair is much more like your mums.

I do hope I have mums hair rather than yours!”

Stop it. I’m not sure about your body shape coming from me as well. Your going to be way taller and slimmer than anything from my side. Your definitely more elf than average size Gimli.

But the Orc runs strong in you Dad.”

That would explain my hairy legs and lack of dress sense.

Explains your cooking as well..”

True. But you are taking after your mums side of the family on body. I’m sure your male ancestors were frequently well over 6ft and slim.

So basically I might just end up just having your eyelashes.”

Yes Hawklad.

That’s a relief. This movie was becoming a bit of a horror show every time I looked at you…..”


A cheeky smile fell across Hawklads face as he once again had successfully roasted his Dad.

77 thoughts on “Gemini

      1. He had it coming to him. LOL!
        I will clue you in , the “elves” are inspired by real people. πŸ™‚ Good blogger friends that I joke around with a lot and these stories are a form of my “paybacks” to them. I am amused easily.

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  1. I am a carbon copy mostly of my mom… I got my dads eye color … but my moms hair, her shape, I am taller though… she is 5’5”… I am 5’7” (my brother and sister are taller than me lol) I am the shortest

    The smile is a mix of the 2 … both cursed me with freckles lol … I wasn’t getting out of that one lol … my sister did though 🀨 – she also tans 🀨

    That’s funny, the things we get from our parents

    Lol on the boobs… that was hilarious πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Who do you look like? Your mum or your dad?

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      1. I bet she was just adorable! I would love to be little smaller?

        If I wear heels πŸ‘  Oh my god! I TOWER over people!!! Oh my god! Most of the time, I wear flats to prevent that… I don’t wanna be GIANT! Lol

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      2. Well thank you very much 😊… yes is a good height… it just with heels I tower – although maybe my heels πŸ‘  are too high? Lol πŸ˜„

        Thank you though 😘

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    1. Ten kids in my family, and 7 took after my father, 1 took after my mother, and 2 total anomalies (I hope my mother got comfort from other men, she certainly didn’t get any from my father. The ugly truth of the matter, of the 7 who took after my father, that included the 3 sisters. Please don’t jump on me, ladies, I know everyone is beautiful, and I love my sisters dearly, but they know they got a raw deal. It is no fun having the face, and nose, of an ugly man. At least they and I did not inherit his ugly spirit. Two of my brothers did. It is a sad comment on family when things like this happen, but how do you love horrible siblings?)

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      1. Poor Hawklad. If he is going to have kids someday, particularly sons, tell him to find a red-skinned wife. Original Human Inhabitants (OHI) of the Colonies have no problem with balding. At 70 my hair hangs halfway down my back. Long, thick, luxuriant, hardly any grey.
        But my chin, that is another matter. OHI don’t naturally grow facial hair. All that comes from my European ancestors, and that has been dull grey for years. Go figure. (Plus I’ve never had to shave regularly until about a year ago, and regularly does not mean daily, maybe biweekly.) Gotta love it.


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