And still it rains.

And rains.

And rains.

And rains…

It’s refusing to stop. At least I won’t need to water the tomatoes until say 2023. There is a joke here about it always rains on a bank holiday weekend. Guess what this weekend is….

Dad sometimes having social and virus phobias is a good thing. Little chance of me asking to go to the beach or a fun park today. It saves you getting drenched.”

That’s true Hawklad. Always something to be thankful for.

Apart from supporting your football team. Wow that’s grim.”

We all can’t support teams that win anything. Newcastle United’s job is to give all the other teams a good laugh. At least we have a good shirt. Can’t go wrong with black and white stripes.

The shirt never changes Dad. It’s boring. You look like a walking barcode.”

It does change. Sometimes it’s black and white stripes. Then sometimes it’s white and black stripes.

You do pick your teams. What happened when you started supporting that German Team”

They got relegated.

Then you followed that Swiss Team, what happened.”

Erm they got relegated.

Bit of a pattern developing here Dad. Oh do you remember you owe me a forfeit for losing the last challenge.”

How could I forget.

Wasn’t it to sit outside in the pouring rain with no shirt on”.

I believe it was to sit outside when it was warm.

Dad WHAT was it.”

To sit outside in the pouring rain with no shirt on.

Now would be an ideal time. But as I am kind I will grant you something. You can wear your barcode footy shirt.”

I’d rather not. Given how rubbish my team is, that shirt will just disintegrate in the rain.


So yes I sat outside in the pouring rain. With a cup of tea and yes my football shirt. The tea was warming, my shirt didn’t fall to bits and I thought about some happy things. Yes definitely always something to be thankful for.

89 thoughts on “And it rains

  1. “And now, I’ve found,
    “That the world is round,
    “And of course, it rains everyday…”

    If Wawa, Ontario, is the asshole of the world, and believe me, it is! Then Yorkshire must be the penis!

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  2. Okay, so when are you going to collect all this into a book. Seriously funny stuff, dude. And my favourites are always when you include Hawklads observations or pithy remarks. Love this! I am nominating you as a candidate for the spirits picker-upper award. Oh, you already won. πŸ™‚

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  3. Are you a bar code or the referee?
    When I supported our local NFL football team, they had one season that was 1-15… not the greatest. I quit supporting them when they moved because the city wouldn’t build them a new stadium. It was good enough to host Super Bowl… 🀐nope, not gonna rant about greed.

    Hope you’re dry and warm now, working on losing your next betπŸ˜‰πŸ’Œ

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  4. Our firefighters here in California would be thankful for some of that rain! I grew up in a city where the streets and yards flooded with that kind of continuous rainfall. The upside: No school. By the way, be careful with those bets with Hawklad πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh to see the rain and how refreshing to feel the rain, to hear the rain, to smell the result of rain on the ground… and to eat the tomatoes water by (you guessed it) the rain. Don’t get me started on the Sun. πŸ˜›

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  6. I have fond memories of dog walking in the North Yorkshire rain, the dogs we were looking after loved it. It does seem to rain on most weekends during winter here in NZ when the kids sports are on! We did our Aunty and Uncle duty by standing on the sidelines on a few occasions. Here’s to sunnier times for us all.

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  7. I couldn’t wait till Monday. I had to do some reading. I’m so glad that Hawklad is kind. The ending of this one made me laugh. I do like happy endings. Now, would you stay out of the rain. πŸ˜€ I will comment on the rest of your posts tomorrow. I hope you’re smiling Superdad.

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