This was a year ago. I stopped on one of my long runs to take this photo. It would have been just after 9am and Hawklad would have been in school. After the run was finished I would then drag my muddy body to the supermarket. Definitely seems like an eternity ago. I wonder when I will go running here again. Probably not in 2020.

We all need those things in life to hold on to. A person, a friendship, a love, faith, a hobby, a destination. It will be different for everyone. Maybe it’s one thing. Maybe it’s a range of things. But we do need these in our worlds. For our health and wellbeing. I remember listening to a politician who I really respected. He talked about his love of hill walking. How walking had become such an important part of his life. But he was sad because due to work demands he had been forced to stop something he loved so much. Tragically it didn’t work out for him and his life was cut short. We do need to hold onto these things which lift us up. We all need to find the time. Listen to what our inner selves are telling us and needing from us. Hold onto and treasure those things and people we love.

So running has gone. I’ve found better more enriching things to focus and care for. But I realise that I do need a fitness activity to replace running. Ultimately the exercise bike is monumentally boring. So at present running has been replaced with yoga. Briefly stopping to take a photo has been replaced with failing to get anywhere near holding a handstand. Happy Days. I feel another lego yoga post coming on. You have been warned.

Joking to one side, please remember to find the time for YOU. You need that.

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  1. That is so true and profound. We often become so busy that we are not able to do things that make us feel good. I really do not understand why we do that. Well, as long we keep replacing, one good habit with another, I guess everything is good to go. Thank you for this reminder.


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  2. I’ve been thinking about trying yoga, too! I’ve never been a runner, but I used to take long walks before kids came a long. Nowadays even if the opportunity to walk does come along, I’m uncertain about it because of that damn plantar fasciitis however that’s spelled. It’s better than it was a month ago because I FINALLY got new shoes–Sketchers. They’re ok, not my first choice, but they have decent heel support, had good reviews, and the inserts I like fit, so huzzah to that. Small victories, yes?

    How are the school matters going? (I’m sure you’ve already posted about that.) Blondie prepares to return in person on Monday while the boys have to attend online. At least I’m FINALLY in touch with the school specialists to get more aid for Bash. Hoping and praying you get some good news sometime , too. xxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Beautiful, tender post. Someone with such a tough life yet looking out for everyone else with this reminder to let flowers bloom in us.

    How right you are, Gary. After years of enjoying other people’s efforts with gardening, I just planted my first rose. I’ve a long way to go with it but already I can feel its power over me. No matter how busy or rushed or stressed I am, that wee plant beckons me to its side twice a day. Each time, something stills and quietens within me.

    We all need that. How right you are.

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  4. Serious question – have you ever considered horse riding as in both of you? Excellent all round exercise, great for improving balance, posture, helping with motor coordination and can work wonders and boost mental health just from time spent with a horse or pony and the calming effect they can have.

    A lot more fun than riding a bike and yoga. Probably safer too come to think of it.

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      1. Yeah I thought he was ๐Ÿ˜€ Worth giving some thought for Hawklad especially. There are huge benefits in equine therapy which works wonders for confidence, self esteem and helping with anxieties. Even if he’s not keen to ride he can still enjoy them on the ground, learn about horse care and stable management and they’ll benefit from his company and gentle nature too. Horses are exceptionally good at judging a person and

        Might also be the ideal time for you to get over whatever issues you have and make peace with a friendly gentle giant who could do the job and become a new best friend in no time.

        Link for reference in case you’re interested and a brilliant video of Daniel talking about his love for horses. He made me properly laugh with his straight talking no nonsense thoughts about school I’m still laughing now.

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      2. Horses are FANTASTIC for kids on the spectrum. Ben’s school has an equestrian therapy program… they bring a horse and a pony to the school and let the kids ride while the staff walk the horse around the back sandlot.
        If Hawklad is willing, I bet it would help his anxiety immensely.

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      1. We all do at times.

        It’s easier said than done, but I do make a conscious effort to to take time for myself. I don’t always manage but it does help to know when JI am starting to push myself too much.

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  5. Definitely. We must each find our ways to take care of ourselves. I like walking though I can’t say as I am consistent with it. So much depends upon the day and how I feel. Nice photo!

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  6. Very well said. Is it possible to take a run around your area or where you live? Even if it’s a short jog. And yes, have to take care of you. I’m working on that. Lost a bit too much this week of that I finally walked and then found myself a book I did not finish months back and said the heck with it ill start from the beginning. and fell asleep.with it on my lap ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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      1. Not so good, but I am not putting as much pressure on it. Not sure which is the chicken or the egg here. Not being able to find a secluded placed to run a long distance because of 2020, or I’m just needig a break. I did get four miles in once this week. They weren’t fast, but it was cooler and I didn’t stop. That is something, I guess.

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  7. Very much in agreement. I have found 2020 has messed with me (as it has everyone else). For a long time I was ok with it being important to do my bit for the NHS. But in the past couple of months, I found I needed to make more time to do things that make me love life. I must admit, having Jack near makes it easier. As soon as he came back he could see that I was a shell of myself. I was chatting with friends and family on the phone when I could, but not being with my friends had made me kind of shrivel up inside. He has been correcting that and lightening my heart. He always livens up the day, with his infectious joyfulness and spontaneous fun loving attitude.

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  8. I’m always trying to work ME time into the day. I sacrifice sleep, which isn’t smart!
    I’m really having fun with my Sciencey Stuff and the photography.
    Looking forward to another Lego Yoga Demo!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ

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  9. I grieve for your running as well. It keeps me sane. Holding a plank and push-ups are what I am doing during our wildfire season when running outside is out of the question. Blech, would rather run!

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  10. I stopped my car last year to take a very similar picture. Running was never my thing what with bad feet and legs, but I have friends who did it and were devoted. So I know it’s important. I hope you get it back but Yoga is good in the meantime. People swear by it after all.

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  11. Yes we definitely need to find things that bring us peace and joy. Tools for managing stress and anxious. And, also bring us laughter, like your yoga! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’•

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