Where did that go? Where did the summer holidays go. For so many families, where did that lockdown go? That’s 7 weeks of summer and exactly 6 months of lockdown.

We leave the summer holidays like we found them. Grey.

Many leave the lockdown as we found it. Well actually that’s sadly not strictly true here in the UK. The daily rise in pandemic and the rate of spread (R number) is actually higher now than when it forced us all into lockdown. I guess the confusion is the same. Some times it’s safe to meet in groups then at other times it’s considered most unsafe. Sometimes masks are required, sometimes they are not. Get tested but please don’t get tested. It’s safe to meet work colleagues but most unsafe to meet friends and family. There are those in high risk groups but you don’t need to worry about that. You must observe 2m social distancing but it’s ok if you don’t especially in pubs and at Horse Racing events. Don’t worry about the details it will be fine.

But for some families and households, the lockdown is most certainly not over. The Government seems to be demonising those in that position. We are being unpatriotic. Not doing our civic duty. Letting others down. As a result support is being pulled, threats made, blamed for the problems of the country and fines starting to be issued. I can assure the so called Government that it’s not out of choice. We are dealing with the reality of life. And that life is messy, complicated, unpredictable and frustrating. We have to deal with the details.

That part of life has not changed during the summer holidays and lockdown.

92 thoughts on “Where did that go

  1. How sad to emerge to a world not changed for the better, or if it has changed, in ways that hurt us even more.
    How utterly sad that Covid has not smoothened more rough edges, sowed compassion and wisdom where there was none before, or purified and deepened what was.

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      1. In a way, there’s still hope. We can be that support that the world won’t be – because Covid has changed us. We can care. We can love. We can reach out and help. We may not shake the world but we can make a difference in someone’s life.

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  2. Yup. We have a lot of this, too. Get things started, but don’t start. Move forward, but don’t leave the house. Don’t go to church, but it’s totally fine to be in a huge protest. The kids only really thrive at school, but don’t let them go there. SO WHAT IS IT PEOPLE?! What’s worse is with this being an election year it feels like any and all moves by the powers that be are to sway voters rather than, oh, helping people.

    We’re screwed, in other words.

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  3. I can’t believe we started this in March. The past months have been such a blur that I can’t believe we actually had a summer? So weird. “When this is all over” possibility seems so far away. I can’t even imagine how many seasons will just blend together.

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  4. Oops my face needs a plumber, no, wait, I think I caught it in time, there’s just a little bit. Not everyone has made it thus far. Not everyone is taking it seriously. It’s a threat to humanity just as sure as sure can be, in so many ways. We just have to be the best we can, do the best we can and hope. The birds still sing of a morning. There are some things I can rely on to be there, here… As I typed: The birds still sing of a morning.

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  5. Confusion prevails in this muddy mess. We’ve criticism for ‘opening up’ so early, but maybe we are just delaying the inevitable by trying to remain locked down. -not that I favor throwing caution to the wind and acting like all’s well. Instead, I favor trying to live life as regularly as we can but with more hand-washing. 😉

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  6. I’m feeling massively frustrated, being in one of the areas that is now back in ‘lockdown’ from Tuesday. I don’t have a problem with being given new guidelines to try and prevent the spread, if they actually make sense and are not contradictory. If we are in a danger zone and people are going to die then any new rules need to take it seriously. No one will follow them otherwise. And why wait a few days or a week to implement them? Why have the new ‘rule of 6’ declared on Monday and a whole week and weekend before it’s in place? You are asking for trouble and that’s what they got … a whole load of it over the weekend. Parties, raves, fines and huge demand and pressure on police to break these things up. Make a decision based on facts, tie your colours to the mast and stick with it. All this umming and ahhing, changing minds, going to and fro, is just confusing and destabilising. I can’t go to my mum’s for a cuppa in her garden but she and I, along with 4 others from different households can head off to catch a flight somewhere for a holiday together! Bizarre x

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      1. I think it’s quite clear what the government’s plan is. I can’t have a cuppa with someone in their garden but I can go to Costa with them and buy one. It’s to force us out to meet up and spend money. Meanwhile the R rate gets further out of control. Madness


  7. If only everyone would wear a mask and not gather in closed up places. Outdoors is safer—that’s why protestors didn’t spread the virus like bar/pubs and restaurants did. And wash hands! Simple, yet people refuse, so those of us who are at high risk must remain mostly locked up. Can’t even have family over—because they have to travel here and use public restrooms and might pick it up on their way here or visa versa. I’m sad this morning.

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      1. Yes! Many stores and businesses have made modifications and everyone wearing mask is required. Yet they opened the schools!
        Our area is not a real hot spot, but more than 1000 have gotten infected and 10 or 11 deaths. That’s too high. If this bug were not such a killer if those who get really really sick, we could deal with it better. But a president who knowingly lied about it!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 and his followers are definitely still going by his words, not by what they have just learned.


  8. It is much the same here in Alberta, Canada. We didn’t really much of a summer. Temps were much lower than normal and the rain seemed constant – more fray days than sunny. Numbers here have been increasing as well and it makes me wonder if the second wave is upon us. I cannot even begin to tell of the frustrations government (provincial) are causing citizens. I am just hanging on waiting for this damned pandemic to run its course, unfortunately it may take a couple of years or more. I am so tired today. I know we all are. It helps to read your blog and others that help me see I am so far from alone in this. Take care, Gary.

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  9. I am always thankful to live in California where we have a Governor who believes in science and is trying to do what’s best for the people. Now if only the idjit people would quit walking around barefaced and partying like they’re in a dang beer commercial😡
    San Diego County has done well with the Kootie. Right now the biggest spread is around San Diego State University (which is a well known “party school”) mostly in 1st & 2nd year students.

    Ignore the BoJo, he’s a buffoon like the Orange Idjit. Do what you know is right. Keeping yourself and Hawklad safe is all that matters.

    6 months… dang! Ben has been home 6 months. My mind is officially blown.

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  10. My next door neighbors are anti-mask & anti-closure while I’m “RETURN TO LOCKDOWN AND STOP THIS THING!” I try to avoid the topic.

    It’s a clusterF there but twice as bad here, with tRump’s team altering reports, lying, and pretending everything’s fine.

    Sorry you’re also a victim of big business vs science.

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  11. What strikes me, every time I look at the news from the UK, is that the current government seems terrified of taking any responsibility… for anything.

    Did they not realise that this was part of the job description?

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    1. I think they like to try and sneak things through then blame others for there actions. The current NI brexit fight is the perfect example. Johnson needs to break the law to undo and awful piece of legislation. A piece of legislation HE put together and rushed through, yet it’s Europe’s fault.

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      1. This is exactly what I mean, yes. He signed an agreement without knowing or caring what the impact would be, and then forced it through Parliament just so he could claim to have “Got Brexit Done”.

        Now that he can’t avoid the consequences of his “oven ready” deal any more, he’s proposing to break international law in order to weasel out of it.

        And then he wonders why no-one trusts him.

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  12. Yeah… it’s a crazy confusion and they don’t tell the truth. Screw em

    Do what is right for you and your boy. People always going to try to get you to do the things they want or they believe – screw that.

    You know what’s right for you. No one else does. They don’t want in your shoes and that government of yours, they don’t know what they doing either – does anyone?

    So eh whatever – screw em. You be safe 😘✌️

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