Most definitely not like this today. The strange yellow thing in the sky has most definitely gone on holiday. Hopefully not a long one.

Currently I am looking out of window into the rainy garden and thinking. I’m guessing this home at school project has many months to run. As a single parent it’s trying to get my head round the logistics of that. At present there is not much work and what work there is can be done at home. Shopping can be done through a combination of home delivery and very quick trips to the small local store. But what happens if I need to make a longer trip out. Hawklad is not comfortable at all being left alone.

The options are limited at the best of times and these are not the best of times.

Normally our options would be one of two sisters (but one-off those is 2 hours drive away, and both don’t drive) and a couple of local parents who have known Hawklad since the age of 5 (they are busy so are not often available). Unfortunately under the new Government Lockdown rules all four options are now banned. Breaking those would leave us open to heavy fines. The Government has even encouraged people to contact the police if neighbours flout the rules. The irony here is not lost, flouting rules if you are a member of the government or the dad of the PM is said to be entirely reasonable. Under the new rules our only option would be for a grandparent to stand in. Unfortunately ours have all left this world. But here’s another irony, those grandparents would fall into high risk groups. Those who should be shielding. Are grandparents seen as expendable….

The other irony is that those who would be an option before they were banned fall into much lower risk groups. They can’t babysit for us but I could go to work with them and sit alongside them in an office – that’s apparently fine. We could even put on green camouflage and go grouse hunting together without any punishment. Maybe that’s the childcare answer, we set up a grouse hunting lodge in the garden. The first ever vegetarian one….

69 thoughts on “Grouse

      1. I am smiling, but I’m also having a lot of anxiety today for some reason. I tried reading… can’t focus though. I will try music. That doesn’t take focus. Are you smiling?

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  1. Vegetarian Hunting Lodge it is!! I think those hunting groups just walk around with their guns, passing a flask- or for safety, each drinking from their own. Do they even shoot their guns?

    With Daughter working nights and sleeping like the dead, I know a little bit of the “how can I do this?” Nowhere near as isolated as you, though. I guess it’s up to Hawklad, should the situation arise, which causes more anxiety… being home alone, or riding along in the car…
    You guys will work it out, together.

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      1. Uh, I wouldn’t say that. You know things that I know very little about. We all have our areas that we are knowledgeable in and our areas that we could use more schooling. Like, I’ve learned so much about autism and Yorkshire through your blog… and the art of baking mishapen bread. 😀 These things are imoportant, especially mishappen bread. 😀

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