It’s definitely wet today. Pouring down and very cold. All rather depressing so let’s take the time to look at a bit of nature’s colour.

Do you ever have those conversations. Those conversations where the words seem to head in one direction but actual the conversation clearly ends up in a totally different place. Ever so frustrating.

I’ve spoken to school about Hawklads enforced school at home project. I thought I had explained to school that although it’s kind of working it was far from ideal. In particular

  • He is getting absolutely zero feedback. He is submitting work but getting nothing back. The other kids are clearly getting marks and comments back. That’s clear from some of the teacher comments on the set work tasks. But those comments are always aimed at other pupils. If he doesn’t get feedback then what is the point.
  • Have the teachers forgotten that he is dyslexic. Comments like ‘if I don’t get round to sending you tasks for the lesson then just read a book on the subject’ don’t really help….
  • Have the teachers forgotten that he has difficulty in hand drawing. He struggles with fine motor skills. I can’t believe the number of times the set task is to hand draw something – unbelievably that is currently not Art.
  • Some of the subject teachers are still completely forgetting about Hawklad. No subject material at all has been made available.

Anyway the school seemed very supportive, so surely job done. Clearly not as the school responded with an email basically saying that they were happy that things where going so well. They will keep going with the current approach and they hoped that we would keep in touch…..

Sounds like it’s time for me to most definitely stay in touch with them right now.

93 thoughts on “It’s wet

  1. Hmmm…. yes it definitely sounds like two different conversations are going on there. One is real and one is fantasy. Not fun… definetly not fun. Sorry about that Superdad. Keep hanging in there and doing the best you can with what they give you. Praying for you. ❤

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  2. Wow! Yep I’ve had conversations like that – exhausting. Unfortunately there is no mechanism in place to have school staff assessed for receptive language processing disorders. What they are communicating is that unless you get really loud and upset they aren’t going to do anything. Of course if you get loud and upset they will question your mental health. It’s kind of a lose lose situation all around. Best to just go out and do breathing exercises to stay calm.

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  3. It definitely sounds like there is not much understanding of Hawklad’s needs. That is very frustrating. It is good that he has you to help him through this. I get the “if you need extra help, come to another Zoom” either with the teacher or the aid. Declan HATES zooming, so this is really not an option. Just got to muddle through until another door presents itself that we can try. You are doing great! Good job!

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  4. I’d be tempted to “stay in touch” with a note tied to a brick, lobbed right into the head Administrator’s office.

    Yes, that’s a beautiful picture of a very beautiful flower… Gladiolus symbolize Tryst and Intention.

    Our guys are really losing out in the school area with this Kootie! I don’t think it will matter in long run. There are much more important things. Like beautiful flowers.

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  5. sometimes it’s like the old saying “the squeaky wheel gets oiled”’s a pain in the butt, for sure..however, for something like this, it’s pretty important..sorry u have to deal with this…very sad indeed

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      1. Maybe not. We have a lot 9f fun discussions about how we use the same words for different things. In the US, a “Daddy Long Legs” is a “spider” (technically not but close enough). In the UK it’s the big flying bug that looks like a gigantic mosquito (called a Crane Fly or “skeeter eater” in the US).

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  6. Its horribly wet here too, we’re supposed to be in Spring. I don’t think people actually read anymore too be honest. Did you reply and say “Did you actually read my email. Please point me to where you think it’s going well” lol.

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  7. Are the school staff overworked? Spread too thin? Have they an excuse? I was treated this way recently by the local medical office and I’m afraid I ended up losing my temper in a most un-ladylike fashion. But it’s really hard when it’s not yourself you have to consider. Dear oh dear…

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  8. Yes I would recommend being the squeaky wheel. Unfortunately, in an environment where people are constantly putting out fires and no one really knows what they are doing, they tend to ignore what doesn’t demand attention. Your situation is unacceptable so I would have no qualms about speaking up assertively and frequently.

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  9. Yep I have exactly those kind of conversations regularly at work right now. I think I have expressed myself clearly and we have made a step forward in a positive direction, only to receive further communication that suggests I was speaking a foreign language and we are back to square one. Very frustrating. Sorry it’s not being taken on board, you just have to keep on trying and pushing unfortunately.

    Love the flower, really pretty x

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  10. How absolutely frustrating! I’d recommend audio books if possible, but I have no clue if that would even make a difference. Another outside the box idea for the fine motor skills drawing assignments would be to ask if it is okay for Hawklad to provide the visual through a different medium, like building something with larger, easier to work with materials or even dressing up as a character/figure and take a photo instead. My son had a project where they had to build a rube goldberg machine and he didn’t want to take all the time to set one up and got permission to design one in Minecraft of all things (this being my computer geek teenager). The teacher actually loved that he took it from a totally different and unexpected perspective. Again though, since schools can be so stubborn, it probably wouldn’t be acceptable, but it is just a thought. I hope things get better soon! It is beyond frustrating when it feels like your child’s needs are being ignored or dismissed.

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  11. The more things change, the more they stay the same …. unfortunately. I am so sorry, Gary. And I am wishing there were something I could say about this madness that makes sense – but madness cannot be made sense of. 😛

    The flowers are beautiful. Sometimes I try to leave the “real” world and just sit with nature. Nature heals, at least some of the time. Hugs.

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