Definitely it’s a time of change. The season of change. Yesterday was T-shirt and shorts. Today is wet, windy and chilly. 50F probably means the T-shirt season has gone and it’s time for woolly jumpers. Ice Cream replaced with Hot Chocolate.

It’s that time of year.

Four years ago I would have been sat at home looking at the ‘Sincere Condolences’ cards on the mantelpiece. It was a couple of days after my partners funeral. Life was looking bleak. But as the years pass this time of year has increasingly felt like a time of personal change. The end of a period which marked the passing of my partner and mum. A time of sadness moving to thoughts of preparing for winter and all that entails. Thoughts of loss replaced by thoughts of short days and long nights. This year is complicated with our ongoing lockdown which is likely to stretch through the entire cold months. So yes this period of change feels different . Definite change but what? In previous years the next few months brought challenges but also things to look forward to. Concerts, Football Matches, Firework displays, Halloween parties, family meet-ups and meals, Christmas Markets, crisp winter walks and runs. This year these are all none starters. Could that tip the balance of the change. Only time will tell but the change is not yet set in stone. It can still be a positive period but it will need much work.


58 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Mmhmm… much work and self-discipline. But we are not alone. It’s a different year, but some things that are different are good things. Things that will see us though. We can do this. Somebody keeps reminding me that… hmmm… who could it be? 😀

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  2. This is the second autumn post, in as many days, which has made me bummed that we don’t really have seasonal changes in SoCal. Heatwaves and wildfires are our nearest markers of passing time and those have been all out of sync this year.

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  3. I think you have the perseverance and the will power to handle change, whatever it may be, with aplomb. I am not looking forward to Halloween or Thanksgiving this year. It will be very different. Our son will not visit as long as Covid hovers like some kind of evil spirit covering us all with a huge wet blanket. So, no family dinners, which I find hardest to cope with. But, I will have to, so I am beginning now to try to envision a different way of being. It sure makes me appreciate my family all the more. I will find a way to make holidays special despite this evil pandemic. And I am grateful to be able to read your posts as well as the posts of others who are pressing on no matter what life throws your (their) way. God bless you, Gary, and bring you whatever strength and courage you may need.

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  4. At the best of times I think Autumn is hard for a lot of people, for lots of reasons. I have very mixed feelings. It’s a time of epic beauty in Nature where I am now, but it’s the end of Summer, everything shutting down, plants and animals to bed, leaves falling. Worse, for me is the coming of Christmas. When I see flights of geese heading south and hear their haunting cries, I get a lump in my throat, but then I go to look at the Fall colours. Perspective, I suppose is necessary in all things.

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  5. Melancholy has been in the air… you have all your past pain to make your current troubles feel worse too.
    You’ve also totally got this! It’s good to feel ALL of our feelings. Sad days are just sad… But laughing til you almost wet yourself is right around the corner.
    You and Hawklad might be isolated, but you’re also safe. You don’t have to worry about the Kootie or the missing gym sock or how you’ll fit everything into his backpack/book bag… the Sunday night/Monday morning stresses of “I cant find my…”

    Maybe no concerts but no long travels, eaten ear plugs or making sure Hawklad is okay in the venue. You can blast your music and have your own concerts. Dress up as KISS or Alice… makeup and all..

    And when it’s especially rough, or even just because, I’ve got a bunch of HUGS with your name on them!💌💌💌

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  6. I love all seasons! Especially autumn! Unfortunately here in Cali we get summer and a few rainy days. Alls we can do is make the most of it! 🙏🏼

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  7. I understand the sentiment. This year, I’ve learned more than ever, that time means nothing. We just make all these time markers (holidays, events, etc.) mean something. When you take them away, then what is time, really?

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  8. So the challenge this year, will to be to make some new traditions, find beauty wherever possible and notice as many small blessings as we can, knowing there will be better things to come. How does that sound?💕

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  9. I know we can’t predict the future or anything … but once all is said and done… and life actually comes back after covid…

    Do you see your world going back to the way it used to be ? With all the social aspects? Concerts etc?

    I suppose it would?

    I’m not really sure how I sit with that? I guess that’s too hard to answer

    In any regard, I guess it depends on where in a persons life, they are at that point? I only say that because of how things change our perspectives

    I am really glad you are starting to recover ❤️ I really love hearing that!!

    Me too ✌️

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