Ever got the urge to keep opening those gates. To just keep walking in one direction. To see what you find. No boundaries. No limits. To be free.

One day I will walk to the next stop.

Now if I packed enough egg sandwiches and tins of Pepsi!! then I will eventually arrive at the city of a Hull on the North East Coast. If I have been very organised and packed my floatation rings then it’s next stop Amsterdam.

What’s the next stop on the school at home journey?

I think Hawklad is now starting to realise that a return to school this month is out of the question. His fears and anxieties are not going to be overcome within weeks. So now he is starting to look at January as the next window of opportunity. So it’s looking like another 3 months of school at home (at least). We will continue to try to stick with the school teaching schedule. Cover the subjects they teach. Use whatever teaching materials they make available. If they don’t then we won’t lose any sleep over it. That’s more time for him to try and relax. To try and enjoy life. It’s often easily forgotten that too many are losing out on huge parts of their precious childhood. It’s not all about formal schooling and meeting government targets.

So be it. We have got this.

It’s completely his call. He decides what the next stop is.

44 thoughts on “Next stop

  1. I’m glad he realizes that October isn’t doable. I wonder why he even wants to go back at all? School seemed to really stress him. I wish he’d just chuck the idea of going back to that meat grinder and focus on testing out. However long that takes. In the grand scheme of things, school really doesn’t matter much at all. Hawklad is wicked smart and with your support he can get a well rounded education on his own.
    I can be his Sciencey Stuff tutor🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Oh, YES! I want to go and keep going and keep going! Point my car east and I can drive for days and days…

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  2. It is wonderful to see, with how much devotion you are adjusting to your son’s needs and how you always find ways to make things possible and fit him. I don’t know if I mentioned it once but… you are an amazing dad.

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  3. Wise.
    I think too many people, most especially govt, are overly concerned with keeping education to pre-existing schedules. Maybe one thing we need to learn is that it’s okay to lower expectations, esp since it’s worldwide… not just 1 family, school, city, etc.

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    1. I like the idea of learning together, new things to be interested in, different things and skills of this and that of nature, of kindness, of how to build stuff or take unwanted electronic things apart to see how they worked… Not having to be bullied into the classic things that not everyone can grasp or needs to grasp. I know I didn’t grasp reading when I was a kid, it took until I was in my 20’s to read a book all the way through. Please BRING ON THE JOY of learning what interests us. Bring on the enjoyable things we search for and perhaps they have the added bonus of reading and maths or not. I think there is a place for all of us and a niche for all. Some it could just be to smile. Another it could be the reason for the smile. I cannot stress enough: We are not all the same and are definitely not robots to be programmed. Damn it, this is such a ruddy rant! but there lays the passion. {{{giggles}}}

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