Captain Chaos is carefully guarding his new great tasting toys.

That Apple Tree needs a serious trim. I had a go today. Managed to fall out of the tree. Bruised shoulder but the fall ended with a fabulous forward role which was perfectly landed. The boy has still got the moves…..

School definitely still has some moves. Sadly not always great ones.

We are in the early stages of a long road trying to manage and help with our son’s serious anxieties. Anxieties about illness, unclean things, viruses and diseases. It’s so easy to tip him further into the realms of excessive hand washing and isolation. Yesterday started off heading a little too close to the rocks. News broke that the small local cafe had to close as two members of staff had tested positive for the pesky pandemic. I’ve managed to keep that from him so far. I can imagine his reaction to the thought that the pandemic was only a couple of miles away.

So while I was managing the news – SCHOOL got to work. Firstly an email was sent to him letting him know that the virus had arrived at the school. Then we got to the Food Technology lesson. All about poisoning, bacteria and viruses associated with food. James was asked to research the main offenders, the symptoms and the associated health risks. So now food has been added to his worry list.

A rather cheesed off email was sent to school…..

And today in Science it was all about diseases. The class being asked to research childhood diseases and viruses. Further they were asked to look at the risk of inherited medical problems.

Thanks that was a big help….

You couldn’t make it up…..

73 thoughts on “School, school, school

  1. How did you fall out of the tree. Clearly you do not have my tree climbing skills. I need help getting out of a tree. You found the quick water apparently. You need to stop that. Ouch… 😕

    Glad you were able to keep the news from Hawklad so far. Sorry that school wasn’t so careful. 😕

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  2. Talk about traumatizing a kid who’s already battling some trauma…Monsters.

    I admire your restraint in simply sending a ‘cheesed off’ email. I’d probably have been on the phone berating everyone from secretaries to principals and superintendents.


  3. Maybe as part of the school’s lessons, include the extras that show how scientists have overcome most things and the processes and procedures they follow. These may alleviate some of the stress that comes from knowing there’s a bad guy, to knowing what to do about the bad guys.
    I hope.
    they’re still bloody idiots. and inconsiderate. And f’ing stupid!

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  4. Wow the blows from that school just keep coming! I’m not certain how schools over there work but in the US we have public cyber schools funded by tax payers like regular brick and mortar public schools… Are there not similar options over there?

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  5. Oh geez – that is a whole lot of “nothing helpful.” Our school district has done their part to be transparent when positive cases have been found in the school sports – BUT they thoughtfully chose to send that info to parents only. That stinks yours went to the students. I am still hopeful for Hawklad – and that is a beautiful apple tree!

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  6. Seriously?!? What the🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Send Hawklad to me, I’ll teach him some real Sciencey Stuff! 😉

    Cagedunn had a great idea too! Smallpox was eradicated, Dr Jonas Salk found the answer to polio… measles, mumps, whooping cough… even HIV/AIDS can be controlled.

    Too bad we can’t enter a state of suspended animation and come out after things are better, right? Poor Hawklad, so unbearably anxious, and poor Gary Kermit Superdad, unable to make it all better for his precious Hawklad.

    You did the roll though, so HURRAY!💃🏼💌💌💌


  7. Awwww 💔 I can totally understand his panic… he already has elevated fears and these things are only making worse

    Awww – I wish he could be sheltered from all the bad news ☹️ he deserves to have a childhood and the virus is robbing that from him ☹️ awwww

    Unfortunately right now this is what we face.

    Hopefully soon this will be all over

    Poor thing ☹️💔

    Your hands are tied here. You can be supportive but is going to play out

    Make sure he is aware you protect him and yourself… make sure he knows that in life sometimes we go through hard things – but they won’t be forever and as a team you and him can make it through.

    But you are going to have to let him have his panic- you aren’t going to be able to clear that until this is over

    My prayers for you both 🙏

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  8. Wow! Whar are they thinking? Clearly they aren’t thinking!

    Ouch on the fall, glad it wasn’t worse. Next time you want to practice your forward rolls, don’t be so dramatic about it! LOL! 🙂

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  9. It just makes me boil, doing classes like this, sending out emails like this. It is like our increasingly descending into twatdom FM up here and that shocking covid video she put out the other week scaring the bejesus out of kids. I spent ages reassuring our grandie who is pretty bouncy and hard core fun, but who was going under, that he could not give us what he did not have and then she does that. There is scant consideration for kids and their wellbeing in all of this.

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      1. Oh there is a defo policy to scare. When I got to the bottom of how the wee man could quote the ‘death ‘ figures, ( his mum hadn’t wanted to press him–he’s a kid who will tell you in his own time, not before– but he never got it off watching anything on their telly, or ours.) it was off some kids’ video on youtube. A government advert. What the hell was that doing on there? He couldn’t process that. My policy with kids is the one I was brought up with, not to blink in front of them, So I was abso furious. They are the future. Some future if they are all creeping about traumatized.

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  10. So when school finally sends out material for lessons it’s all about virus and diseases. I really feel for both of you. Hope you both are as ok as possible today, after school emails and “tree falling”. And I hope the sky today is as blue as in your photo, that the sun shines on both of you …

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  11. My opinion is: Not school at home, but “Home School” and give the idea of all the local school’s hassle and stupidity the old heave ho! Totally relax, step back from their ideas and let the ideas of what to learn come from the beloved boy. You have a legal right to “Home School” and the back up you will get from the community of other “Home Schoolers” will be the help you need.

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    1. P.S. I don’t think you’re suitable material to be a HS2 canopy protestor, if you can fall from a little apples tree. Bless, you’ll live and at least you can be a keyboard warrior against the destruction of said canopy.

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  12. It seems as if school is doing nothing more than affirming the fears your son is already struggling with. A bit of forethought before they hit the ‘send’ button on an email would be helpful. Poor Hawklad! And poor you too. This really goes beyond the pale.

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  13. Time for you to go completely rogue, pull him out of school and enroll him in your Muppet School of Hard Knocks 😉
    P.S. And where is that spotter? 💕

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