Sometimes you just have to sit back and see what the wind brings.

Drying clothes outside is proving a bit of a nightmare. Every few minutes the wind brings in another shower. Thankfully the bench cover is just about big enough to quickly chuck over the clothes horse. Given the dirty state of the cover rather defeats the purpose of washing. But needs must.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and see what the wind brings.

Further lockdown measures are set to be announced for northern areas next week. For the last month our part of the north has been an island. Surrounded by areas having significant pandemic outbreaks. Here it’s been reasonably calm. That means that things like shopping and daily life have continued without too much disruption. But is that about to change. Has our area succumbed.

Sons school has had confirmed cases. The local cafe had had to close due to a local outbreak. All public events are being cancelled (that includes Christmas events). Now the local city is reporting a huge growth in cases. 79% rise in 7 days, our rural area has gone up by 60%. Higher than some of the areas already under lockdown. Police are starting to enforce lockdown laws.

It’s the confusion that makes it so much harder for people. One week the PM tells people to grow a backbone and get out. Then suddenly the PM tells us it’s our fault fir getting out. Some places (often government supporting areas) have high infection rates but are excluded from lockdown while other areas with lower rates are forced into lockdown.

Feels like we as an area are about to be forced into a tough, restrictive extended period. All we can do is continue with our own family approach. Try to shield son from as much of the negative, doom loaded news. It’s the last thing he needs to hear. Much better for his (and my well-being) to sit in the back garden and see what the weather brings in.

73 thoughts on “See what the wind brings.

      1. Well …never done decking myself now we have the new ‘regs’ here, how one of our two fav locals got permission to make this decked area….. with not much between it and the mouth of the river to the North Sea… So even for the hardiest now it is a no no. I actually swear here in Scotland, they just want to kill us with this outdoor shit. I have such awful Raynaud’s,, I do not feel the cold but if I don’t keep covered cos of that I get hypothermia, bits of me routinely turn blue then black. Then there’s those of us with a shit chest. Yes, let’s save the vulnerable while you yourself get bronchitis. Then there’s the fact that our climate here is horribly damp. Folks from far colder places go …at least we have clean cold, you have this dreadful in your boners damp and we do. But hey…let’s get out there and embrace. What a joke actually.

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  1. We continue to do what we have always done since this started. We are as prepared as we can be, but it is other people that are the wild card. We still see visitors here with no masks or attemtps at social distancing, and the other day I saw someone SNIFFING the ready meals in the chiller cabinet and putting them back on the shelf. He wasn’t wearing a mask or gloves. I reported it to a member of the floor staff, and she did nothing. Needless to say I will not be buying any ready meals from there, EVER.

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  2. When lockdown eased and as I mentioned on my blog, I wasn’t going to go out and queue with shoppers for clothes, eat out in cafrs or pubs.
    I still do what I originally did, shop twice a week and work.
    My social bubble is less than the max the Government allows, because I think its too much people as a group when you are surrounded by colleagues at work.
    I am keeping my risk as minimal as possible.

    I started going for my hikes as you know. Walking I certainly have to do, but it’s took some confidence to do.
    I haven’t been doing any for a few weeks though, than my usual walking to work and so I am noticing the negative effects of this.

    Stress and anxiety rrmains a high because of others not keeping their distance. I hate grocery shopping because of this.
    Here’s me proyecting me, that will in turn protect those vulnerable near me, but who is protecting me when I shop. Not that fucker who came right up to the side of me at beginning of checkout, when he should have stayed nehind until I could move down, when customer in front of me had gone.

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    1. It just takes one selfish prat. It’s lime when we get a delivery. Many wear masks and gloves. Keep several metres away. Ask about where we want the stuff leaving then move away. But you then get the ones with no protection who just walk up to and try and hand you the item.

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  3. More and more, one has a sense of “every man for himself”. Same here and still people think this man should get 4 more years to drive us totally off the cliff. I just don’t get it. I just keep talking to the wildlife. At least they know what they want. And they are nice to look at!

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  4. May the winds blow the virus clear into outer space, somewhere where it cannot make people sick. Wouldn’t that be nice? I am so glad your son is home with you and not in school, while I feel badly for the parents of children who have contracted this dread disease. When will people in the U.K. be able to vote to get those idjits out? I hope it’s soon. We still have a ways to go before our premier and his gang of fools can be booted out of office. Stay well and stay safe my friend.

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  5. I read the headlines and pick and chose the stories I want to read. I do not have nor watch the nightly news. Not that I am putting my head into the sand and ignoring what is going on around me but rather to mitigate the amount of negativity that I am reading. I understand about the sudden ramping up of infection rates as it has begun to happen here as well. We shall see what the coming weeks bring with this weekend being our Thanksgiving. Did you send your wind my way accidentally? We are having some very wicked strong winds. Part of me is hoping the tree will get knocked down onto my car. LOL 🙂 Hugs to you and Hawklad

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  6. The mixed messages regarding Covid put out by the administrations of the UK and the USA are ridiculous. Do you have any trusted health officials to listen to over there? When Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci put out statements I listen. I’ll only trust a vaccine to be safe and ready when one of them indicates it is. I feel especially in the case of Dr. Fauci he has been under various presidents, both Democratic and Republican, and has no political interest in how fast we get a vaccine; he has only the public’s health interest at heart.

    Cases are increasing in my county and state. Jason and I have already made known to our families that we won’t be attending Christmas events that include extended family; we will visit with his dad and stepmom separate from his family’s annual dinner and visit my parents, sister/husband and nephew for Christmas day but not attend my dad’s extended family’s gathering. We’re told no one will judge but I’m sure the “Trumpers” in the family (who also refuse to wear masks in public) will say things. Oh well, our health matters too much to risk it.

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  7. I am thankful that San Diego County is mostly remaining safe. I see more people with masks than without. Our biggest outbreak was incoming freshman students at SDSU (state uni… reputation as a “party school”) 🤬BoJo Trumps!🤬 sorry for cursing🤐

    Me & mine keep to our same routines and try to be as safe as possible. Most of my visitors are the critter type.😉

    I hope that wind blows all the idjits into the sea. Maybe a proper drenching in the chill water will shock some sense into them!💌💌💌

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  8. It is confusing … and frustrating to realize that our goverenments seem to have no clue what they are doing. Here, Trump urges people to forgo the wearing of masks, even though many states have statewide mask mandates, as does my own state. I have solved the problem … I order my groceries online, drive through and pick them up once a week, and that is the sum total of my excursions outside the house. For seven months now. Sigh. If it were just me, I would likely get out, go at least to the bookstore, but I refuse to put other lives at risk, so … home I stay. And, I’m never bored, for there is a blog to stay on top of and I have thousands of books to read! I do fear, though, how many more will die due to the ineptitude and incompetence of our leaders. Sigh. Keep safe and hopefully that wind will bring in something good … like the million pound note that somebody upstream dropped!

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      1. Not much different here. People here, though … they seem to think that following the rules that would save not only their lives, but the lives of their families, friends, and others, are an affront to their “personal freedom”. I wonder what these Bozos would have done during WWII when blackout rules were in force … would they have refused to darken their windows, or perhaps even built a huge bonfire to summon the Luftwaffe? Sigh. People … some people … are so damn ignorant I wonder how they have survived this long. Sigh. 😥

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      2. Exactly! Every leader is going to make some mistakes, for they often have to make quick decisions with only partial or imperfect information. But to make decisions for all the wrong reasons, then lie to the people about it is simply unconscionable. And what’s worse is that he still has the support of some 40% of the people in this nation! They’ve lost their bloody minds!!!

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  9. Well over here, Cheato says he learned sooo much…. covid isn’t bad and people shouldn’t fear it. He’s also gonna arrange for everyone to get the experimental plasma treatment – for FREE. Asshat!!! And he resumed public appearances even though he’s within the infectious period.

    The last stat I read is that nearly 40 white house employees and/or close friends of his have been infected.

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  10. Yeah, I’ve had to lie to my son for the first time in my life and tell him that the cases in our area “aren’t that high” (they’re the highest in our county) just so he can attempt to leave the house and ho for a five minute walk.

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  11. That’s the difficult part is that rules and regulations seem to be inconsistent and contradictory. I’ve given up on trying to stay informed and I believe I’m much happier! 💕

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  12. Well I agree… you don’t need to be constantly watching the badness unfold… you know is happening… this is why schools should not have opened… winter is coming (not trying to sound like Game of Thrones)

    You and him stay safe – you have done a good job with that and you have a good head on shoulders knowing what to do. Even though sometimes you question yourself and worry you not doing best… you are.

    Take the news and that info out of the equation, you know what’s there.. just enjoy your moments … you can peek to maybe check when is over – but you will know – people here will be rejoicing lol

    Start your own father son bakery… made with love lol

    Write your stories – he could illustrate!

    Find fun stuff to bide the time – cherish your moments

    See you do good … you pretty strong through this.

    Do you not have a dryer? Or you just like outside air? Lol … if you have a inside rack you could hang them inside?

    I would sit inside and drink coffee to watch the storm… I’ll stay warm inside probably with a heater lol

    I have one elderly lady who is awesome – every time she keeps her house sooooooo HOT!!! In the winter it reminds me of a tropical flower shop… very hot… lol … I loved visiting her in the winter lol

    Is funny cause if you go to an ice skating rink in summer … you must bundle like is in winter cause is freezing in there!!! If you go to her house in winter you better bring summer clothes with you lol 😄😄✌️

    She is elderly though – cutest sweetest little elderly lady ❤️ she’s just always cold lol

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