Definitely been one of those mornings. One of those French mornings…..

It’s taken us 8 weeks to work out that class has been accessing a learning resource that we didn’t know about. So two months later Hawklad finds himself behind. I guess it was one of those things that was discussed in class but not passed on. Deep joy.

I can officially say that this subject has become a disaster.

Anyway I think the time it would take to catch up would be better spent on other activities. Maybe even playing with a non school sanctioned language app. Let’s see if we can find one that works for him. That would be a start. At least it would start to give him the basic skills and bugger the school tests in this subject.

I must admit that this so mirrors my time at school. I so struggled to learn French. Just wouldn’t stick. In the end sitting my final French exam was a bit of a Hail Mary Pass. Not much hope.

But strange things can happen.

Half the exam was the expected shambles. A series of random guesses really. Then the final question accounting for 40% of the marks. Read a long French newspaper article and answer questions in English. I should have had zero chance. But unbelievably the article was about Jim Morrison and The Doors. OMG I know every answer without reading the text.

Two months later I received my certificate in French. I had scraped a PASS. Must have got a perfect score on the final question and winged 10 marks from my other guesses. Yes I owe my French Qualification to Rock Music.

53 thoughts on “Jim Morrison

  1. Hahaha! You were lucky! That must have been such an awesome feeling to experience; I can imagine that you felt psyched! I would too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rock music always makes things much more fun.

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  2. Ok, picture the scene: I went out to a party… ~ (long story cut short) ~ I ended waking up in France and did I know French? ROFL take it from me that was where you chirp in with “I take it was a no then?” and you would be right. However, people were so kind, I recall fainting in Grenoble and waking up in an emergency room where a translator said you need to pay XYZ and I before they knew it I was out of there trying to work my way back to the people to whom I knew, to a place I had only just learn the name of… Anyways, here we are now and I’m still learning French (just in case). ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿคโค๏ธ

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      1. Life has this thing of being somewhat predictable, then totally not, then predictable, then not… Therefore I reckon it’s so much more important to help kids learn how to surf those waves, than learn how to pie a chart or manger one. See what I did there adding the manger = “mon~shay” which is French for eating, for ain’t I an annoyin’ clever clogs then? [Don’t answer that, it’s a trap!]

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  3. Oh, my! How cool is that? Someone was looking out for you. That’s my kind of test! I only took one year of French myself. The next year, it conflicted with my Drama class, so I switched to Spanish. Now, I have both languages muddled in my brain. Lol. Hoping all the best for Hawklad on catching up. There’s bound to be a good app out there that will suit his needs.

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      1. Yep. It was one of my few outlets. I wound up taking it for the rest of my schooling and doing several plays. Now, it’s my kiddos turn. Such a thrill! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. Failed French ‘O’ Level twice – it never held me back and I have holidayed many times in French-speaking countries without feeling too stoopid. I was fortunate though because I learned Latin and that has been more helpful than any modern language.

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  5. My French language lab was a total disaster! There are so many homophones in French if you do not have the text in front of you. The first word I heard, which I cannot remember what it was, I translated as one thing, and everything flowed from there. I got a goose egg for a mark.
    I took it back to my professor, and asked what was wrong? Apparently the word I heard was supposed to be a contraction of some kind, and if you caught that, as most students did, it said an entirely different thing. So I asked, based on what I heard, was my traslation not perfect? She said, “Yes, but that is not what I intended.”
    One spoken paragraph, two totally different translations, sound for sound. I have little use for French today, and never try to translate it by sound. On paper I can still read it if it is fairly straightforward (no strange words), but vocally, I cannot trust my own ears. Nor can I trust French profs who demand only one translation, even when what my hearing gave me made total sense. Tabarnac!

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      1. They force kids down it, dyslexic or not, because they were forced down it. If languages are important to someone, they will learn them. My hearing was never precise enough to listen to foreign languages.
        You think French is hard, try Polish. Half their consanents are siblings, and they all sound the same to me, but native born Poles can tell the difference. When I discovered prsz is pronounced zz, I realized it was time to give .

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