Winter is coming.

A time for wooly jumpers, gloves and warm hats. Sliding on ice patches. Snow ball fights, sledging and snow angels. Steaming hot chocolate filled with marshmallows. Writing names of frozen car windscreens. Fires and hot water bottles. Crisp winter walks with stunning moody landscapes. Long dark night skies filled with the wonder of the cosmos. Warming soups and stews. A perfect time to cuddle close to those you love. A time to feel alive.

Winter is coming.

A cold, bleak time. When the frequent bad weather forces you inside. Cuts you off from the world. When the darkness and howling winds matches the mood. When loneliness echoes around the surrounding walls that makes your home feel like a prison. A prison where the sentence is solitary confinement. Memories filled with loss and grief send shivers down your spine. Counting the long days until Spring returns. A time to survive.

Winter is coming.

I have experienced both. I know the opportunities and the threats it can offer. Which one will this Winter be?

56 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. We don’t get snow here really. Winter is so much mote tolerable with a light dusting of snow. Not like the too-much snow they get in northern US & Canada etc but enough to make a snowman and make snow angels. Hopefully you’ll get that this year.

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  2. It can be such a challenging time yet it makes the upcoming Spring even more treasured and causes amazing feelings of reawakening in everything and everyone. Sending you much light to make it well through the winter time, Gary.

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  3. I’ll send as much sunshine your way as I can! I think we’re meant to slow down, reflect, shed the old and prepare for the new during winter.
    I do hope you get some snow to play in this winter! I’ll bet your gorgeous view is magical when it’s covered in white.
    WE got this!💌💌💌

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