Sometimes you just have to hang on. Just one leaf hanging on in a sea of wood. All alone. Looking at all the fallen brethren on the ground, now very brown and shrivelled. Feeling a little left out. Forgotten about. How long can it hang there for.

Somedays it does feel that way to me. Just hanging on. Trying to survive.

But just like this little green bit of life – IT CAN BE DONE. It is possible to survive against the odds. Even when the odds are seemingly stacked against you, there is always hope. If you look hard enough there will be a connection, something to cling on to. Something to keep you going. Something so precious to you.

Yes I can do this. Yes you can do this.

63 thoughts on “Hanging on

  1. You caught me in a philosophical moment, Gary. What’s most important to me is life, meaning awareness of my life. Not of my ego, that is just a passing fancy, or is it a passing fantasy? No, I mean life, that which separates us from non-living things. Life, the ability to change ourselves, or not change ourselves (besides Trumpelstiltorangeskin, who does not want to change?) Change is the essence of life. Change is how we know we are alive.
    Yes, I am hanging on to life, but I am not clinging to this life. I am not afraid to die, and to move on to whatever is next for this spirit that is me/not-me.
    Life, the most important thing in our lives. We all have it. And we can do nothing (not change) without it. How lucky we are, if only we would acknowledge it. Life is much better than non-life, n’est-pas?

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      1. Thank you. It evolved about a year ago, starting life as Trumpelstiltskin, but that didn’t seem ornery enough. After a couple of tries, it became as you saw above, and I have used it ever since. Glad you get it, and like it.


  2. There are always just a few leaves that are determined to hang on, just like some plants refuse to die. I rescued a tiny beaten down twig of a rose once. It looked totally dead, but I thought it should have a chance and by the time I left that house a couple of years later, it was thriving. I hated to leave it. Should have taken a cutting, but didn’t think the new garden would sustain it. Determination is everything and you have it, for sure.


      1. Up and down luv, up and down (oh dear, don’t read the next bit, as I just heard in the back of my mind my friend adding the rest of an expression “… like a bride’s nightie”). Seriously though, some days are easier than others, knowing what I know, doing what I do, living in this strange year…

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  3. Ah, but, when that lovely leaf DOES fall, which is inevitable, they all fall eventually, someone can pick it up and press it in a big book to retain its intricate detail forever. And if it goes the way of the rest of the leaves, it’s providing great nourishment to the tree from which it came, making it stronger and healthier.
    And right where that leaf was, in its place, a new bud will form and a fresh new leaf will start all over again. Just like last time. And on it goes, just like… on we all go.

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  4. I was just talking through this with a friend last night. She’s messaged me out of the blue, this school friend, feeling very lost in all the anxiety and struggles to educate students. We talked on that for a bit, but I had to keep reminding her that it’s okay to just work on surviving. This isn’t the time to thrive, it really isn’t, and no one should make us feel like we HAVE to be okay just because things aren’t worse. It’s okay to not be okay. The important thing is to not drag ourselves down further with our own cyclical thoughts. Keep moving forward, keep finding reasons to smile with Captain Chaos and Hawklad, and know the sun will shine upon us again. xxxxx

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  5. Sometimes we just hang on till we can get our footing again. The ability to hang on has a lot to do before we get to that point. If we get to the point of hanging on against a back ground of hope for tomorrow, we will experience greater resilience.

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