Definite curve ball from school today.

I have wrote about the problems Hawklad has been having with French classes at school. The way the subject is taught just don’t suit him. Dyslexia complicates the learning process. Being at home adds to the difficulties.

I have been trying to get the school to modify the teaching approach in this one subject. Even switch the language to one which better suits him and one he is more interested in. Basically met with a brick wall. Then today’s curve ball.

The school doesn’t feel that he will be able to pass exams in this subject due to his learning issues. So they are now recommending that he drops the subject completely. Undertake no language learning at all. He would use the French class time to work on his other subjects.

So rather than try other learning routes they just want to ditch the subject. I’m kind of speechless. Will let Hawklad decide what happens next. BUT my initial take is that

…..Sadly it reflects the lack of flexibility in the UK teaching system. It also reflects the general approach schools take with those pupils who have learning disabilities.

56 thoughts on “Curve ball

  1. I am shocked by this. Is it not their JOB for their students to LEARN? So what if it’s not the same language. If he’s interested in another language, nurture that. If he’s not, sure, allow him to use that time for his other studies. But, if he is… Seems a no-brainer to me

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  2. That is a really poor reflection on the school and our education system. To give up like that seems counterintuitive somehow. What lesson does that teach the children? Sorry to hear it.

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  3. Time to just do things your own way I think. Find a language he might find easier. Maybe German as it’s rules are more logical. I found it easier than French. Though Swiss German might be better for future travels! My dad could speak that. I’d say let him mess around with Duolingo or similar and go through some of the languages and see if you can find one that gels with him.

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  4. Probably got something to do with school league tables, and how everyone needs to pass for the school to look good. Don’t know if schools get more money from the council if they’re higher up in the league tables, but you can bet that money has something to do with their refusal to teach him.

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  5. That is horseshit. Of course there is a different way to teach dyslexics. I don’t know enough about the problem to even guess how, but I am very sure it’s not impossible. If the lad wanted to try another language, does he himself have an idea of what would help? The first hurdle, I think, is interest. Without that, it’s not worth the effort. The lad is obviously really smart and he will do so well when he gets on the right track. I know it’s easy to say. Keep fielding the curve balls!

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