Remind me not to fly my kite here.

It’s Christmas. Hawklad is happy. Very happy with his presents so far. Amazed that his Dad hasn’t messed up yet. Well apart from his new FIFA computer game seems to come wrapped with a free pair of scissors. I wondered where they disappeared to. Thankfully he has given me them back.

It’s an odd house these days. Probably something to do with it being completely MALE. Two humans, a dog, a cat, gerbils – all with an X and Y chromosome. That explains so much.

Maybe it explains one strange Christmas tradition. Hawklad has had that Santa conversation. So why do we still put out mince pies and a drink for Santa. A large pile of carrots for the reindeer’s. We even still draw lines on bits of paper pointing the big red fella to the location of the feast.

Maybe it’s time for someone to have that Santa conversation with ME…..

66 thoughts on “Lines

  1. It’s so nice to know you still honour Santa traditions. I was never raised to believe in Santa but that hasn’t stopped me from loving all the little Santa traditions even till now. The hidden child in us needs that magical hope and happiness for our adult selves to live and thrive.

    So go ahead and enjoy, Gary💕

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      1. Oh, thank you so so much! I hope you dig the new series…well, new/old. I mean to revamp my Middler’s Pride this year. That’ll be a bit more geared for Hawklad/Blondie’s age group, or a smidge older. But with WAY less naughty language 🙂

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  2. The Daughters insisted after they got told the LIE that there’s no Santa!
    Santa DOES exist. In every single heart that believes in the magic of Christmastime.
    Keep that tradition!!
    The XY are taking over our house. Me, Daughter and Sophie Cat (she’s 11 years old) vs Ben, Zeus, Diesel Cat and Sven the Grumpy Dragon. Next living creature that moves in needs to be XX😘

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      1. I thought of you last night because I was pretty sure the “sorta looks like tamale masa with spots” item in the dinner plate from my neighbor was SpottedDick (1,000 points to me for guessing that… she’s not from the UK or anything). I sent a txt saying it was Yorkshire Pudding. I never had either but I know what Yorkshire Pudding looks like and it’s not SpottedDick! I’m amused that she has the names crossed and I’m not going to tell her!


      1. I did. I read somewhere that there are six different mutations across the world. Not sure what to make of it all, other than to try to avoid all of them. The numbers of new cases is rising sharply again here. Holiday season was always going to be a problem.

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  3. Well, despite the overwhelming support from your audience, I believe it is time to have the Santa talk with the entire population of this globe we live on. It is its own virus, with its many mutations (Actually, Santa Claus is just a mutation, as you know, but don’t tell Americans that, they think they invented the original!) and it is eroding minds old and young from dealing with reality.
    The only thing worth believing is in yourself. If you believe in yourself, then anything is possible, including, as John sang, NO MORE WAR.

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      1. Yeah, the imposter was on my TV too. Travelled from Brazil to Nunivut in under 5 minutes, stopping at every house in-between. That’s more than magic, that’s impossible!

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  4. Oh, one comment about electricity lines: except for the great power lines, in most of Western Canada, maybe the east now too, electricity lines are buried underground, where they seem to have less harmful effect on the environment. Isn’t it about time Europe caught up?


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