Don’t worry. No need for the panic room. It’s the other baking…..

Sometimes it’s hard to drag the body out of the warm bed and into the baking hot Yorkshire winter weather. I know what’s likely to greet me when I do finally get to the back room and my exercise bike.

It’s potentially colder in this room than it is outside. And it’s certainly cold outside.

That’s ice…..

I remember the days of jumping on the bike in pretty short shorts and a thin running top. At present it’s 97 layers, gloves and two wooly hats. I’ve got that many layers in that I have to peddle for at least a minute before my very outside legging layer starts to move.

Today the water and energy drinks have been replaced with hot chocolate and a hot water bottle.

So I was on my exercise bike and feeling like I was in an icy snow hole. What I couldn’t make me mind up about was….

Was the iced up windows annoyingly blocking the view of the outside world


Was the iced up window forming a useful barrier, blocking out the reality of the outside world.

In the end I decided it was a bit of both.

71 thoughts on “Baking hot

  1. As one who turns the thermostat down as much as one can without threatening pipe freeze, the ice on your windows looks all too familiar. Biff is very much like me, wearing plenty of layers, socks, and slippers, where Blondie and Bo seem perfectly connect in short sleeves no matter what the weather. They make me cold just by looking at them!

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  2. Interesting options of what the iced window could mean. I like the thought of being both. We are having about -5 CΒ° during the night, but our windows are not iced. I can only imagine how cold it is in Yorkshire. Take care… and bake the cake you were talking about, of course, while enjoying some hot chocolate πŸ˜‹

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  3. Currently we are above 0 degrees Celsius. Even had a day this week when it was 10C. Stifling hot. πŸ˜€ I dressed too warm. Bundle up Superdad. And you thought Canada was cold…. we’re like the tropics on the Westcoast compared to Yorkshire.

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  4. Declan was waiting outside for me yesterday morning to go for a morning walk. I guess I took too long because when I got outside he drew so many pictures on the cars and their windows in the ice that was on them. Made for an interesting drive a little later!

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  5. I like your interesting thought about the ice window and I can’t make my mind up on it either. Certainly both that I can only come to the conclusion of.

    Enjoy your day and your baking. I am thinking now should I bake today. You have sparked the idea now.

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  6. It is very chilly πŸ₯Ά… California hasn’t been bad with the bone chill this year… so far so good but will still ice up my car windows in mornings making me either sit there or warm up 15 prior

    The ice tries to make me late for work. lol ✌️

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  7. I wonder why that is, sometimes the house is warmer than outside and sometimes it colder than outside. Did I write that right? I don’t think I did? I’m sure if I was smarter I’d know why, lol. I would have said, I think we’re having one of our coolest Summers at the moment, but the last two days, have been really warm, lol.

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  8. You remind me of a student flat I had with iced up windows and me typing with my feet on a hot water bottle, hands moving in turns to the coffee mug.
    For me the ice blocked vision of what turned out to be the stirrings of daffodils and early tulips I had planted in late autumn. There’s so many kinds of realities.


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