A little bit of snow. It does change the feel of the landscape.

We don’t often get lots of snow here. Not talking about a dusting, I mean really deep stuff. The last time that happened we were a family of 3. My partner would be out with her wooden ruler to measure the snow depth. She would do that before we could go out and wreck the snow with sledging, snow angels and snowmen. 2010 was a really good year for that. Yes a good year. Relatively healthy partner, a bouncy toddler and lots of snow. Too deep for the ruler. Well over 30cm and it stayed around for about 5 weeks. Good times.

So much has happened since then. It’s such a different world. It’s a much smaller family now.

Maybe deep snow will arrive again. That wooden ruler is still here. Measuring the depth will then pass to Hawklad.

Life moves on.

48 thoughts on “Snow

  1. When I was 5 I and my younger brother spent some time with grandparents in Durham. One day I leapt from the steps outside the back door and disappeared in the snow pile. We don’t seem to get that much any more.

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  2. I remember we also had ENORMOUS amount of snow in Sweden in 2010-2011. Well, this year was really warm, and we had no snow until 9th of January πŸ™‚ but it feels good – to see all white and fresh around me πŸ™‚

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  3. We don’t get an awful lot of snow here, it’s usually too cold to snow and it’s been mild since Christmas. Lovely mild days. If I remember correctly, you once wrote that Hawklad loves the snow I love how you are passing the torch, so to speak, in the form of the ruler to your son. The tradition will continue and with it cherished memories. Sending lots of hugs.

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  4. I keep reading about Polar vortices and how we could end up with lots of snow…or not….very helpful. I loved the huge snow dump we got last month 31 inches here, 4 ft in New Hampshire. Just very inconvenient for wildlife and people who need to get out! I expect the lad would like it!

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  5. That’s quite a while ago since you had a good amount of snow the last time. I hope it will come soon. It does give a different atmosphere, makes everything more cozy, and the landscape beautiful. But most of all, there is a possibility to have fun outside which is even more important this winter.

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