It really is ok to talk about mental health. So why does it still feel so hard to do it? But talking is so important. We need to make it routine. So let’s talk about my depression.

I’ve been struggling with mild depression for a few weeks now. Actually maybe much longer. Feeling hemmed in. Hemmed in but kinda thankful I’m not physically meeting people. Low confidence and minimal self esteem. More hesitant. Finding routine tasks much harder. Difficult sleeping. Feeling emotionally worn out. Finding it just a little harder to smile.

It seems to have stabilised. Not getting any worse but no signs of improvement as yet. I do have an old supply of anti depressant but I haven’t used them as yet. So I’m plodding on. Trying to avoid the news and taking each day as it is. Trying to focus on the positives in my life and there are some wonderful ones. Need to remember that.

Yes it’s good to talk.

111 thoughts on “Talking

  1. I can understand this. Why don’t we just all about mental illness? My daughter has depression and all this chao in the world doesn’t have her in a good place. We talk every day and get together when we can but she needs more than just at me. She is on something it helps a bit but what she could use is a professional to talk to and right now there is very few. So like I said I understand.keep trying to do things. Even if it feel like to o much. I have a bit myself as well and focusing isn’t always easy I think that’s why music has been helping ng a bit. Ever need an ear email 🤗

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  2. Dang that picture is gorgeous! I’m feeling some sky envy. My sunset is a bust tonight.🤷🏼‍♀️
    I keep going out and looking though.
    I can’t know *exactly* how you feel, but I’ve fought with the Depression Monster👹 many many times myself.
    I’d be happy to lend an ear if you want to talk off line… I think you have my email.

    It’s good to talk/write about it! No shame, and you’re SOOO not alone. Sending HUGS!! wishing I could hug you for real.💌💌💌

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  3. Keep talking! Meds do help but please don’t take old! Call doc, and sometimes it takes a few weeks and then you realize, hey, I’m not on the edge anymore. I had to get more meds with Covid. Every day I go up and down (not manic), but happy — I can laugh and smile.

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  4. One part of my mind knows it’s okay to discuss my mental health. Another part is ashamed to discuss them. On the flip side, I would listen all day to anyone who needed to talk. My brain is an asshole.

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  5. It’s always good to talk and speak to people, even if it is just a blog post =D ❤ I'm seeing my Dr tomorrow to make a mental health plan. Everything's fine, I just want to talk to someone without feeling like I'm burdening them, but they have said to me in the past. Even writing something, without showing anyone, can help as well?

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      1. You’re welcome and thank you. Yes, it’s been going ok. Pretty quiet, really. Kids are thrilled to be back to school and I am working out what I want to do with myself. Inspiration is a bit low, which is ironic considering I have more time back. But, trying to be patient with myself. 🙂

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  6. It is hard to talk cos unless you are some kind of exhibitionist or narcist, it is never easy to spill your guts. Remember the small steps the little things, the tiny positives. And keep talking. And yeah stay off the news. Apart from that itself, the armchair comment wielding brigade destroy your faith in humanity. You have friends here, my friend.

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      1. Old Native American custom… You write your frustrations and burn them. There is some suggestion of including some alcohol while you write and, writing in low light. What you write should not be read back, lest you take the bad emotions back in. With mounting frustrations and compounded anger, many giveaway sessions may be needed. I’ve had to do a lot…lately.

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      1. Yes – I would say avoid the news… all the news does is upset people with horrible stories… and media can also be biased – even though they try not to be.

        Also… I found social media was also hard to have in my life… it was too much pressure for me and I’m not into that ✌️

        Yeah I find social media also a mental health issue. So I just avoid that also.

        When I avoided social media – I could breathe, and I got my life back in silence ❤️ I know it sounds odd or whatever – but it helps me to stay away… too much for me.

        And then… what else … tv … social media… if you don’t avoid, them then limit them

        And I really can’t figure out why you have little confidence or self esteem? But then I work so… you don’t see anyone and that makes a difference.

        Your life got flipped upside down. But look you have held it up, and you have a good sense of humor, ya know – you are very hard on yourself.

        When was the last time you did anything for yourself with no other intentions? I’m just curious?

        Also – bubble baths are a thing – do not laugh and you can get “manly” bath bombs … It will just relax you hopefully if you can find time to take a bath 🛀

        I know it’s hard without much interaction. ☹️ and also given your whole situation.

        My life does this thing where omg my world is crumbling … and I worry… but then it will turn out ok, and I will be fine lol

        I have had some pretty intense awful moments

        Moments where I did know how I was gonna make it through everything … like sheer panic

        Like you somewhat… I got robbed of life ? So … the one thing I always think of and remember is that

        Life can kick me down do whatever … and while I did change a little – I went silence and just keep to self and sorta hide away – it lets me cope. ✌️ I do ok. It lets me breathe

        You do for yourself and how you are able to cope. These are intense times so you cope how you can.

        Don’t let anyone or life … take your spirit away!!!

        And I think you should rock it… you are an awesome father, that is admirable and quite hot… and you have held things together all on your own!!! I know we have to do things on our own, but you were just learning how to be a single parent after losing spouse (and yes I’m gonna call her that cause essentially she was and it’s just a piece of paper – Whoopie)

        But you were just learning your way with that – and it got flipped again with this… so ya know that is not an easy task to keep together like that

        So that makes me think, you be strong in situations where strength is needed and would be good to lean on – that is also hot.

        So … you are your own worst critic lol

        Dude… own your bad assness!!! ❤️✌️

        Seriously all of that is pretty deep!

        You do need to remember to do something just for yourself … think of something special you miss that you want that is doable or getable lol ✌️

        I am sorry you are sad. But you are safe so I am happy for that

        Be easy on yourself. You are a good guy.

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      2. Well you may joke about bubble baths but they can melt stress – don’t knock it

        (The best bath bombs are from “Lush”) they will help you relax and smell really amazing

        So take that silence when you need to… that is important.

        And when silence feels like it’s closing in… that’s when you see what reserves you have.

        Hmm… do you have friends you talk to or anyone you feel comfortable to turn to?

        That can help – just a simple phone call. Breaks up that silence and maybe reenergizes a little?

        But I am not sure that you do, and I don’t think you are overly comfortable sharing the deepest darkest things lol… you seem little private in that area to me.

        So if you don’t have that… come here. Is interaction and reading or venting really does help!!

        I always write things just incase someone is going through something similar and can relate and might need that relating …

        I know when I had cancer … I had people who would tell me their stories and share their photos of what I was about to enter and what was going to happen to me.

        Initially when they shared their photos with me – I was mortified … not only were these women sharing photos of their breasts with me – which is really personal to me – but they also gave me photos before and right after surgery

        I was very uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

        But they did that so I could not panic when I went though mine – it is helpful – tremendously!

        So anyway… I always write stuff so maybe someone relate ✌️ (because people did that for me ❤️) you never know who’s life you touch.

        Anyway… well you make sure you do something for yourself – do something or get something for YOU.

        You have to remember self care and don’t put self down – self care keeps you strong to carry on…

        Do you remember “the Sims”?? Lol … if they got depressed they wouldn’t do anything? Lol … you had to make them happy first lol

        Is same idea … if you are depressed it makes it harder to carry on.

        When you do self care then you make you happy so you can push forward little more and have something happy

        And then don’t be so hard on yourself because that can be mentally damaging too even if you joke.

        I always think what you put out into the world – is what is mirrored. What comes.

        So if you speak badly – it weighs on your soul.

        Whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” was very incorrect – words can hurt. Even if you say them yourself so be aware of that.

        Music is really good too… I know you are a hard rocker lol – you are way above me on that one

        But don’t forget music and music can both soothe your soul and also change your mood depending on what you listen to

        If you listen to sad depressing songs you will be depressed and cry

        But if the songs have a happier tone, you are happier? You can change your mood if you can get lost in music?

        I love music for that reason. And others but music is incredible. It can be anything

        Turn on the music when the silence gets too heavy.

        For me … to stay strong I NEED laughter!!

        And like with how I react with peace … I like it, I want it, I chase it, I make it ✌️

        I do the same thing with laughter. That is how I survive and how I keep my spirit strong

        I turn to comedy – I lose myself in that – that will give you a soul break

        When you work in an office – usually you have breaks (hopefully 😒)

        But you don’t have any breaks really … so you are gonna have to find what will keep your soul strong and alive – doesn’t have to be comedy… that is just how I do. 😊

        I need it to offset the bad stuff – “balance”

        Anyway – hope something I said helps.

        Don’t overwhelm yourself and do what makes you comfortable.

        You seem lost in trying to learn how to handle everything by yourself – you forgot yourself – and with everything being so overwhelming … that sets in on you.

        One lesson we are all learning is to rely on “ourselves” because we lean so heavily on others

        You have to be strong within yourself … this will teach you how to do that if you let it

        Like that movie… Castaway with Tom Hanks … Wilson made him happy and kept him sane (ish)

        You have to know what will work for YOU and that takes time to find.

        Also never worry about what others think. Right now we focused on making you not so silenced and sad so … you are in a learning stage of how to handle… you can not care what others think – you need that peace to think for yourself… so do that too

        I don’t mean not care about people – I just mean don’t worry about peoples judgements – who cares cause no one walks in your shoes

        And I tell you what I think with things but that is only my opinion so … you are always free to have difference or not agree

        When you start feeling sad … come here… maybe make a happy post of a happy memory from the past? Childhood or otherwise / you toilet paper rolling down the road was hilarious ✌️

        So anyway do that stuff (in my opinion) it is not easy, and life goes up and it also comes down.

        But you do pretty well – you just forgot yourself too long 😘


      3. Yeah lol… the Sims were fun!! You should totally do that!!! I bet it would make you smile 😊

        When I would want them to do something like go to work … but they were too tired, hungry and had to pee 🤨 … so they would do a mad angry dance shaking their fists, and then pee on the floor 🤨😄😄 … and then not even want to clean it up lol

        Yeah you need to watch your stats ✌️😘

        Oh of course ❤️ because I know that sadness and I know how I am with things so if I have something to say and can help – I always will 😘✌️ thank you for saying ❤️

        Keep staying safe and dont pee on the floor! Lol 💋 I had to sorry it fit perfect and just flowed ✌️ we will help you not to pee on the floor ❤️✌️😄

        Yeah you have to go play Sims again!! But still come back here lol … don’t leave us for Sims lol


      4. Hahaha… I know! I have not played in years either lol … I can’t even remember how long it’s been lol

        It was fun though.

        I do wonder what their world is like now!! 😮 lol

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  7. It’s always good to talk. The way things have been for the past year, it would be amazing if you were not depressed. I have depression too, take medication for it, but it does break through. Sometimes I just start to cry and it would be pointless to try to choke those tears back. Like grieving…you have to get through it somehow and you do. Holding it in will erode you from inside. we are hear to listen/read. Feel better Gary XXX

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  8. Been there with depression Gary. It sucks. As you conclude in your post, focus on the positives.
    Write things out, you don’t have to post it here, but just getting it out of your head and down in print helps. Don’t let it eat away at you by keeping it shut inside. It can be self destructive.
    It’s a shitty world at the moment, and many feel they are on their own for various reasons. I’m with Boo…… don’t let the bastards get you down.
    Always here Gary.

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  9. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this – that’s really rotten for you. It’s so good that you feel able to talk about it – well done for being strong enough to be open! Have you ever thought about doing some phone counselling? After I had to leave my job because of my pain condition I really struggled. SInce then I found some counselling via phone which has been very helpful indeed. It might also help with the isolation you’re enduring too. Just an idea – just forget it if it’s not right for you. I hope you feel better soon.

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