Still waiting for the above freezing weather to arrive. It should be here soon. Potentially a short respite before the really cold air arrives again at the weekend.

The covid vaccination programme is up and running here in the UK. It’s still a mess with most over 70s still waiting a first jab or being told that the follow up jab is being delayed. That doesn’t apply to the PMs Dad who has already had his second one.

I will become eligible probably after April. Hawklad…….

The UK Government stance is that under 18s will NOT get vaccinated – no exceptions unless serious life threatening underlying medical conditions exist. Children are deemed to be of lower risk to serious covid complications and are not a government priority. They have not asked the vaccine manufacturers to test on under 18s. Only Pfizer has conducted any tests on the under 18s. Two of the manufacturers are about to start some testing safety and effectiveness on children in the US.

So where does that leave our little family. In Limbo.

I will at some stage probably get vaccinated but that doesn’t mean that I can’t carry the virus. Hawklad is not likely to get vaccinated at all. So as we stand our self imposed lockdown will have to continue indefinitely. That includes me even if I do get the jab.

The return to the world is NOT happening.

98 thoughts on “Not happening

  1. We are a mess over here too. They have no plan nothing the government left all that up to each individual state – and it’s a big giant mess

    They had a year to plan for distribution but this is where we are?

    I think the age here is 16 and older? But my daughter is still 2 years shy of that.

    I have the ok to be vaccinated, so I have to set that up today.

    But what does that do for me??? I still have to remain masked and still have to follow all safety procedures

    No one else will be protected – just me… so my protection is nothing because everyone around me (except coworkers) will still be susceptible 🤨

    And ya know what … I do not mind isolation then. I will keep doing safety procedures and masking until everyone is safe.

    We have to be vaccinated because we are taking in covid cases. So at least I am protected against that I suppose.

    It’s ok. We will get through everything eventually – but as we see – it takes time … it’s all new territory.

    It will be ok, they will eventually figure out how to handle.

    It’s probably better over there cause you just dealing with virus not protests, riots and big giant crap … I need a vaccine for that!! Lol ✌️

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      1. I know ☹️

        But ya know – that is what is going on currently.. we have no choice but to get through it.. we are all going through together though

        We have fun little competitions on who’s leader or country is worse lol… so that is fun because I like to win – and I think I’ve got that 😘

        But seriously, ya know… find the bright moments, no matter how little.

        I am scheduled to get vaccine on Monday after work. 😮 I am nervous. But ok. Yeah I am really nervous. But again ok.

        I’m sure it will be fine. 🙏

        And I have a ton of paperwork to fill and bring – because I am funeral worker I have to register that way. And answer tons of health questions…

        They say I don’t have to pay for it… and does not use my insurance.

        I am still nervous. But again all I can say is ok. It makes me want to throw up when I think about it… makes my stomach turn??

        But whatever. It will be fine.

        Sometimes when I have things that overwhelm me too much – I have panic issues and get overwhelmed…

        I take a deep breath,
        I know I have to deal,
        So I just have to get through it and then I can freak out or come back and say – oh that was nothing – I don’t know why I was worried lol

        This is what is at our door, I am watching my people fall to it. And it comes in heavy now. California is having hard time with covid ☹️

        So you know – it breaks my heart too… but I haven’t fallen… I have to help with what I can while others are down… and also

        IF I were to get this, and let me tell you that thought is in my mind… what if I pass away? 😮

        Alright well… if I catch this, and I pass away… before that happens – I want to make sure that even with the fear and sadness that I still have those moments in life to cherish life because I know what is like to almost lose my life before!! Not my first rodeo.

        So I just look at it like that I guess. Whatever gets you through right? 😘

        Just stay strong we will get there eventually- ish

        We can do it. But isn’t easy.

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      2. Yes remember that you are human ✌️

        Well you make it sound like it’s gonna be simple, but it is not. Remember that also… don’t go thinking it be easy, obviously it isn’t… but once you figure yourself out then it becomes easier.

        Look what we have lived through… so yes we can do this and yes we are strong.

        Just takes time. Patience is a virtue 😘 this also teaches us patience… many many lessons (I am not one who is fond of life lessons because they annoy me lol… but they are good) ✌️

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  2. It’s crazy, especially as some children are catching the virus, and some are dying.
    BoJo said that all over 50s will get their jabs by the end of April. Where is not clear, probably in the big cities and not in little towns like ours or rural areas. I’ll be 65 in May, so to get a jab in April wouldn’t be too bad, even if we’ll still have to mask up and socially distance.

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      1. They really do not care about the people, do they? I highly doubt Pfizer and Moderna got together to test if their vaccines could intermingle. If nothing else, that would be bad for business. At worst, people could lose immunity, if they ever actually don’t mix. Or death could result. I would not want to be British these days, nor American. I’m not really happy being Canadian, but I am glad I am neither of those two.

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      1. We have had a problem insomuch as our surgery refused to be involved in the rollout of the vaccine, and residents were expected to travel 30 to 40 miles for it. As most are elderly and get around on mobility scooters, that was ridiculous! We got on to our MP on numerous occasions and now it has been agreed that our surgery will be used, but it will be run by the NHS, NOT our head GP (who is an ass).

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      2. From what I hear, the NHS is not much better, but everything is always relative. If you say it is better, I believe you.
        But realizing everything is relative, I would laugh if I only had to travel over 40 miles. Yesterday my spouse and I travelled almost 500 miles (just short of 800 kms) to see our dentures because her dentures started falling out of mouth while eating.
        As for any vaccines, it will probably be summer before they reach the town we live in, despite having a number of people on the A List. Being only 71 with heart problems, I think I am on the B List, but living in High Level, I think we are on the D List, or maybe even the TF List, Too Far away from a population supercentre.

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      3. 800 kilometres north of Edmonton, but still in Alberta, Canada. Not sure, but we could probably fit 50 England’s in our province, yet our total population is under 10 million. Lots of empty space for nature.

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      4. Ours was 37 miles away but they were good in an emergency. Luckily for us they hadn’t taken us off their books from last time so when the practice closed here, we had a fall back. The one we’ve signed on with now is 17 miles away, so better. We can’t afford to go private either, so are reliant on an NHS dentist.

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  3. In the US things are not going very fast. I am 73 but not yet eligible. Healthcare and emergency workers first as is right, then people in public contact jobs. I am so sensitive to so many things, I’m not sure I even want the vaccine. What I want is a vaccine that will immunize me from T and all things political. This country has become unbearable.

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  4. My wish is that in the meantime (and that is true, this is a horribly “mean” time) that we can all help each other to keep hope alive. Things change all the time, that is the only constant: Change. Therefore, there is a possibility that all the things could change for the better and at some point kids could be offered a vaccine. We’ve got thus far, take heart Beloved.

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  5. Since I’m 74 this year I will be eligible sometime in February, so far. My daughter urges me to get it. I’m not at all convinced I need it. I’m so allergic to medicines I would need to be in hospital to get it…the LAST place I’d want to be anywhere near these days. Being isolated is really getting old and if course I’d like to get out and about, but that would be stupid.

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      1. They are starting next Monday with the people in retirement homes, and their stuff. Then other medical and emergency stuff, and hospital stuff. After that the age groups from 85+ down to 70+. After that all other high risk groups. Once they are through, it is our turn. That might be in April. I hope that my mom gets her first shot in early March which looks realistic.

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  6. I doubt that decision to deny kids the vaccine will fly with all the parents. I expect that BoJo will do another about-face and allow children to get their jabs.
    Honestly, BoJo must be dizzy from having to keep turning around to say the opposite. Maybe he should just not say anything for a while and his head will clear.😉

    Don’t lose hope my friend. I’m sure you feel gut-punched, but all you have to do is get through TODAY. I’ll help. We’ll all help each other.💕

    We can do this!!🤝💪💌💌💌💌💌

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  7. Wow! Seems rather stupid to deny children the vaccine, perhaps that will change as time goes by. I think it will. The vaccine is slowly being rolled out here. Hubby says he doesn’t want it. He feels it has not been properly tested or researched. I say, with his health being what it is the vaccine is the lesser of all evils. We are now at the one year mark since the ruddy virus showed its ugly head. Walking in quicksand is what it feels like. But the one constant in life is change. This, too, shall pass. Yes it will. Yes it will. Yes it will. (Sshhh I’m arguing with myself.) Hang in there my friend, nothing is written in stone.

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  8. Children don’t count because they cannot vote. BoJo”s mistake, because their parents can.
    Just by way of asking, will they get one when they turn 18? Or has no one thought that far ahead? Johnny Sythe is turning 18 tomorrow? Will he get one? His name waxn’t on todsy”s list!

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  9. The Uk feels like a shambles at the minute. So grateful to have wordpress; one of the only things that hasn’t really changed. I remember first hearing about covid and coming onto wordpress to read what everyone has been saying about it all.
    We must find hope in some small facet, even if that is just reading lovely, supportive comments.
    Big hug x
    Evee xx

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  10. Here, they are not doing under 18, because it hasn’t been tested. None of the vaccines have been thouroughly tested. It helps us not to have symptoms, but they still don’t know if we can spread to others etc. That’s why we will have to where masks when out and about for a long time.

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    1. I was listening to a leading expert explain it. The summary was that the vaccines will hopefully reduce the risk of someone spreading the virus but they are the wrong type of vaccine to offer 100% protection from spreading it. Best hope is that the body does that over time. So vaccine plus masks are here to stay.

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