Back to dark, moody weather. Apparently it’s warmer that’s why I’m wearing a wooly hat, gloves and 38 layers….

You know your tired when you function without using your brain. You make a drink with the coffee machine but forget to put a cup in the holder. You drop a full toilet roll into the bowl. You put your shirt on inside out and back to front. You give the cat dog food and the dog gets cat food. The washing machine programme settings are several pay grades above your abilities. And you microwave a tub of mint chocolate ice cream rather than a frozen cottage pie.

Yep getting a few of those days recently.

And then I just have to raise the brain fail stakes….

Cutting hair while tired. Starting to trim without putting the No2 guard on. In fact NO guard. End result a rather fashionable shaved area. On the plus side it’s a national lockdown so no-one outside the house is going to see it for weeks. Plenty of time to grow back. And as my parents would say ‘a rider on a passing horse won’t notice..’. They would also say ‘only 2 days between a bad hair cut and a you need to comb your hair cut’ – in this case make that a few weeks…..

57 thoughts on “Tired

  1. With me, things keep disappearing from right in front of me. At least 7 times a day I have to call my cellphone from my other line on a house phone to find it and fifty percent of the time it is within arm’s reach. I didn’t know when I bought an iPhone 11 that it had an invisibility feature.

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  2. Declan started watching these YouTube videos that hosted a toilet paper roll with a drawn face on it. It would talk and tell jokes and Declan loved it – so much that I came home one day to find about five rolls decorated with faces. All I could think then, and hearing your accident dropping a whole roll in the toilet was, “Not during a pandemic!!!” 🙂

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  3. Oh my yes, I’m having plenty of these days. I was at the grocery store today when a text from my daughter came in – “T found Seven in the washing machine.” No idea how the cat got into the machine, no idea how to prevent it from happening again. Covid times, man.

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  4. So sorry to hear dark days are still haunting you. I think microwaving the mint chocolate ice cream would do me in – one of my favorite flavors. But then again, you can just pop it back into the freezer and see what it’s like re-frozen (unless it burned). And thankfully your hair will grow back. Here’s to hoping things look up sooner rather than later.

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  5. Lol, that happened to me once when I was trimming my hair, except the guard fell off. Instead of living with the spot, I just buzzed the rest of my head without the guard. It happens to the best of us.

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  6. Briefly, before Covid, I was seeing a hairdresser regularly. I don’t mean I was dating him. I was having my hair cut properly. Now I’ve reverted to chopping bits off that annoy me. Decidedly moth eaten style. But only the cats see, so who cares.

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  7. Shouldn’t laugh about the haircut, but when Hubby first got his clippers, he gave them to me to trim the back of his neck. Oops. No guard and I went up instead of down, giving him a reverse mohican. He was NOT happy, and wore a baseball cap for weeks until it grew back. I think it was the only time we came close to discussing divorce!!

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  8. Where is the photo?
    The amount of time I drop the toilet roll in the loo! Aghhh!!
    Yesterday I drove 20 mins home from work with my rear view mirrors still pushed in. I also couldn’t for the life of me say ‘elective’ … and I’m a speech therapist!! Xx

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