So much for the ‘warmer’ spell. The white stuff is back.

This is a message to the Brits amongst you. Are you enjoying Brexit? Here its been a great trade off. Losing my right to travel freely across Europe. Increased cost and admin trying to get stuff from the EU. Nationally industries like Fishing are facing bankruptcy because they are struggling to get products out of the country and are sinking in a sea of additional bureaucracy. But on the PLUS side the supermarkets have many empty shelves were fresh food items can’t make it into the country. So yes all the billions spent have been so worth it…..

The shopping was a wonderful experience today. No carrots, no grapes, no oranges, no bananas, no onions, no corn on the cob…….. Hardly any frozen vegetables and fruit.

So it’s a week of processed foods, chips, pizzas, soups and chocolate. How many different things can I make with a bag of grotty looking sweet potatoes.

So here’s my excuse for potentially coming off my diet. I blame it on the PM and Brexit….

65 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. When I visited Communist Poland before the Wall in Berlin came down, I had occasion to go grocery shopping with my sponsor. We stood in line for an hour, and when we got to the front of the line we were not allowed in the shop. She gave a list if her desires to the man at the window, who took it and filled it as best he could. What vegetables they had were near rotten. The bread was stale and going mouldy. The meat, what there was of it, you don’t want to know. Milk was about the only product worth buying. I learned they needed to have their own gardens, planted such that things ripened in a continuous cycle. My heart just broke. How did they stay healthy?
    Now you tell me the UK, that bastion of freedom, is becoming a democratic version of Poland? You will soon be a Third World nation, if you are not already. And I doubt after all this the EU will ever want you back. Britannia no longer rules the waves, but rather are locked in by them…

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  2. I hope the jerks who voted for Brexit are happy with what they’ve got.
    Ridiculous that you cant get fresh fruit and veg. Even in winter, there are crops growing in the southern hemisphere. It might be pricier but corn?? Sheesh! And grapes??? France is right there.
    Grapes are very expensive here in California. The fires burnt up the wine country.☹

    Hang in the Gary. We can do this too!
    BIG HUGS!! 💌💌💌

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  3. Does the UK not grow those things? Well, not bananas…those have to be imported from tropical countries.

    I was reading last night that the US has got food shortages and the mainstream isn’t reporting it. We are still sending grain & beef to China…and not keeping it here. Also, no one is talking about the bad harvests due to severe droughts in some places and floods in others. Our prices are getting crazy.

    I’m seeing a very clear intent to starve all of us.

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  4. What a disaster! I’m so sorry. How absolutely stupid and self-absorbed must people be to not have seen these consequences. Hmm. Reminds me of my current head of state who was just impeached for the second time. That said, I wouldn’t mind a little snow this winter. Even a decent dusting would be nice. Or about four inches.

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  5. All of these Brexit problems were predicted. We knew that things would turn out much as they have, yet the Tories insisted on carrying on regardless.

    These people don’t deserve to be in charge of a car park, let alone a government.

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      1. But with ordering online you don’t have to go in, right? Closed area with people … you just wait in car and they bring to you right?

        I am still waiting for gas stations to do full service again … because I would like that ✌️… I don’t wanna be touching the handle lol

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