A bit of a return to the white stuff again..

Do you get those times when you look at something and you get a completely different answer to the official one. According to the Government the vaccine programme is going so well that it’s time to get ourselves in shape so we are ready for our normal holiday filled summer. Think warm beaches and the sea. The virus apparently is back under control again to such an extent that schools can be potentially fully reopened at the start of March. So that’s the official line.

So why am I seeing a completely different picture.

Vulnerable groups are getting vaccinated but many of those have just only received one of the two doses. The second dose probably not being received until at least 12 weeks after the first one. What happened to the 3 week maximum gap. Even if everything goes to plan by the summer well over half of the population will still not have had any vaccine. The young are not even scheduled to get the vaccine even though they can catch it. The vaccine is not 100% effective and it doesn’t stop vaccinated people still spreading the virus. We don’t even know how long any protection will last and it will be different based on the individual, the number of shots you have had, when you had your last shot and on which vaccine you have had. We have mutations occurring and spreading. We have a health service beyond full capacity, with its professionals beyond exhausted and at breaking point. They can’t run like this for much longer. We haven’t used the time the lockdown offered us to make the required changes to crowded places like schools. They places even the Government yell us are vectors for transmission. So basically schools are in the same position as they were when they were deemed not safe. But this time we will be trying to reopen them with pupils, parents and staff not vaccinated at the time we are desperately trying to control the spread of mutated covid.

Sorry I’m seeing a different picture.

53 thoughts on “Am I missing something

  1. It’s an uncertain time. My friends that work it the hospitals have received both vaccines by now while my 80 year old grandparents whom have barely left their home since last March are still on a waiting list for their first rounds.

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  2. It’s so much easier for me, with no child to educate or worry about. I’ve just given up thinking about Covid. The vaccination program over here seems in complete disarray. If and when I can get it I will. I just read that in India the Covid rate has suddenly dropped drastically so I wonder what they are doing right.


  3. It is very confusing. So far over here we seem on schedule. They only offer appointments for vaccinations if the second shot is already present. No more schedules otherwise.


  4. Do the math. If vaccines are at best 95% effective when delivered properly, that alone leaves 400,000,000 people worldwide unprotected. 4 hundred million! What are the odds you will be one of them? One in twenty sounds acceptable, right?
    Let’s say, as some places are, that since 1 dose is effective 55% of the time, let’s just use 1 dose per person. That brings the odds up to 1 in 2. Not quite so good anymore? That’s half of every married couple, legal or common law. That’s one out of every two children.
    I’m not okay with that! Are you?


  5. For us in America, it depends on where you live. We still desperately need more supply as does the rest of the world. I received my first shot yesterday and I am scheduled for the second shot in 2.5 weeks. I know a great deal of people that did not get past the schedule to get an appointment. I must add that our system is much better with President Biden (thank you, Lord)

    I am vaccinated because I work in a people environment, some of which refuse to wear masks. I am vaccinated because I want to get on a plane to see my family. I am vaccinated because I don’t want to get sick. So, the hell with the math, people.

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  6. I can’t see how they can even begin to think about lifting restrictions until everyone has had their second dose! Even then, it is reported that the vaccine gives you antibodies for six months, so I’m reading that as we will need a booster (as like the flu jab) twice a year.
    I find it ludicrous they are thinking of opening schools, where kids will mix, carry, pick up, and return the virus to their families, who in turn have mixed and carried to their places of work believing all is safe, before the vaccine rollout is completed. Lift the lockdown now, and it will all start again.
    Just my five eggs.

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      1. Probably, and when you read that doses are being thrown away because they are due to expire, or other non vulnerable groups getting it ahead of those who could have it as a second dose, is beyond me. We will all have to be vaccinated regardless of age eventually, but at what human cost? Keep yourselves safe Gary.

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  7. I’m so sorry. Here in the US while we have the vaccine, because there was no national plan for dealing with the pandemic under the rule of Nutjob, individual states are fumbling their way along, trying to create a hodgepodge system to get people vaccinated, beginning with healthcare workers, the elderly and most vulnerable, and then going to younger and less vulnerable at some point. The new administration has their hands more than full. And as in your country, people in my area who have received the first vaccine are having trouble getting a second dose of the same vaccine in a timely manner. What a mess.

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  8. The first shot does offer *some* protection and I read that getting the 2nd shot up to three months later is still proving effect.
    Of course, it was a study out of Oxford University… do BoJo the Clown have pals there??

    If we could get the 1st shot out to more people and keep the restrictions in place… open up maybe 25-35% then open more after people have gotten the 2nd shot… slowly… maybe they can stop the mutations. Or maybe not. We all may be wearing masks in public for years to come.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    We missed our chance to stem the tide back in January 2020


    1. As soon as they are elected, they forget all about the people who elected them until the next election, a vicious cycle that has been around as long as democracies have been, the only difference between the West, and the Russians, the Russian people know who iss rewing them, no one tries to hide it. In Western democracies, no one will admit it.


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