Do you get those moments when you realise that you have clearly lost the plot. I’ve been telling Hawklad that the school half term week off is the last week of February. It always is….

I couldn’t work out last why a few of the teachers kept talking about end of module lessons, need to get things finished this week, we start something new in a couple of weeks…. Still the obvious didn’t sink in. Not until one teacher set an ‘end of half term test’.

Ok the week off is this week. This is completely down to me. School emailed parents after Christmas with the correct dates. The school calendar is clear. Basically the muppet gauge is registering ‘off the scale’ currently with me. That might explain why I put my coffee cup into the tumble dryer with the towels. That might explain why I filled my bath with cold water. That might explain why I lost my mobile so I tried phoning it on the land line – kept getting the engaged sound and didn’t work out that I was repeatedly phoning the landline. Might explain why I couldn’t find the toothpaste and strangely found that it was in my hand all the time. Might explain why I put Deep Heat on a hand cut rather than Sudacrem.

Everyday I move further away from George Clooney and ever closer to Homer Simpson. That’s both in looks and thought.

Wish I could forget that bit.

64 thoughts on “Forgetful

  1. Sounds as though we are trading our off weeks back and forth. A lot of the fogging of the brain really does have to do with the pandemic. I won’t tell you that it will pass as I am still waiting for that to happen at this end. I have been stable on my feet no klutz action in two weeks and you have been topsy turvy. Just wait until 5 pm Wed you can send me the rest of the week. I am off and can’t hurt anyone if I stay in the house. 🙂 Hugs to you and Hawklad. 🙂

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  2. Your human and as mentioned already, it doesn’t help the situation we are all in.
    I have been losing track of days again last week. I probably will this week, with having to self isolate currently.
    As hard as it is, don’t be hard on you.

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      1. I can understand with how things have changed in mine. Its only been two or three weeks that I felt lucky knowing what day it was and surprised by it, due to many times of not knowing.

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  3. I have spells like that … I put my coffee cup in the washing machine, though, not the dryer! Some days the earth just seems to be spinning in the wrong direction, the world not quite as it should be. I figure, as long as we can have a bit of a laugh over it all, we’re doing alright. Hang in … this, too, shall pass! Hugs!

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  4. First off… stunning photo!! Second, you need more sleep! You are constantly stressed out, and you’re not getting enough rest.☹
    Okay, okay… and you suffer from the same unnamed malady I suffer from. We fall over, we can’t find our rear ends with both hands, we lose things… you haven’t seen my coffee cup, have you??🤪😂😂

    We *still* got this!😉💌💌💌

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  5. Sounds normal to me. But deep heat on a cut must have hurt! I’ve found my glasses on my face, my cell phone (excuse me, mobile) in my hand while I’m talking on it, milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge. I just wish my husband didn’t have the uncanny knack of grabbing all the towels and other linens out of the bathroom moments before I was going to hop in the shower. Every time! Sure, there are more I can grab, but he’s loathe to actually fold and put away clean towels, preferring to hang them back in the bathroom.

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