A heatwave is coming but it’s certainly not here yet. It’s a tad bracing on the knees.

The weeks keep passing without going for a run. So needs must. My old exercise bike is getting some hammer. Last year I started a Creaky World Tour. How far can I get round the world by exercising in Yorkshire. Initially using the Pokemon Go app to track my runs and dog walks. Then as our family lockdown tightened that became mainly using my battered old exercise bike. The last time I checked I had made it to Volgograd. So let’s check in again.

The bike is showing just under extra 2000 miles. Wow didn’t think my little legs could go that far in 20 odd weeks. So where am I?

Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. (All the photos from Tripadvisor)

No rest for the wicked. Let’s see how far I get in a few more months time. Plenty of months of exercise biking still to come.

67 thoughts on “On ya bike

      1. Most hitchhikers cannot afford snacks, but since that is a requirement, what are your favourites? I’m betting I cannot buy most of then in Canada. Don’t be surprised if I have to ask you what they ever are.

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  1. I’ve learned from another blogger just how beautiful some of the eastern European countries are. There is still a lot of stuff from the Soviet era, but the countryside is stunning.
    I love this tour! Maybe you can cross from Siberia to Alaska then head south through Canada and make it here to SoCal eventually ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve got the ocean, mountains and the desert on the other side of the mountains.

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