The sun goes down on another school at home day. It was one of those days where it feels like for every step forward we took two giant steps back. Such hard work.the really frustrating thing is that it wasn’t the actual learning which was the issue today. No the frustrations came from repeated system crashes, missing content, confusing instructions, formatting disasters and online tests that will only work with exactly the right spelling and format.

We can make home schooling so much easier for the pupils than this…

So with the frustrations still ringing in my head another school communication arrived. All about the required Covid testing to support the schools reopening next week. Each family will be required to self test families using the rapid result kits TWICE a week. On top of that all pupils will be tested with the same kits once a week in school.

My one question is that if our schools are completely safe and not hubs for virus transfer (according to our PM) – why is this level of testing required…..

The school letter also apologised to parents for the confusing over masks in the classroom. A few days ago the PM told schools that masks had to be worn in the classroom. Our school wrote to parents to inform them of the new rule. Unfortunately the rule has now changed again. The PM has now said they are only recommended and school can’t enforce them.

More frustrations……

41 thoughts on “Frustrating

  1. Geez – that is very frustrating. Everyone is doing something different. I just heard that Texas – the entire state – is lifting mask requirements and allowing businesses to open at full capacity. I guess we will see what happens there!

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  2. So the kids will be tested three times a week? That’s quite an about face from their prior stance. But masks are only recommended! Maybe if they were required there wouldn’t be the need for so much testing? Just a thought…

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  3. My partners a teacher here, and he’s getting fed up. It’s mainly because though, these people, like your PM. They keep saying these things, but they are never 100% sure. Don’t be a Trump and say whatever, make sure what you’re saying first, lol

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  4. Gary! There’s a heart is the cloud in your picture. How cool is that?!💝🌈💃🏼💫

    I truly wish Hawklad could have the kind of personalized attention and flexibility that Ben has at his school. Ben spends most of his day sitting at a table outside his classroom in the fresh air. His teachers use things he loves to help him learn.

    Zoom school doesn’t work for him, but for some kids it’s perfect.
    I hope you guys can find a way through all the “education” mess!💌💌💌

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      1. Same here. The 6th Year students went back on Monday and on my way to chemist I had to avoid groups of 6-7 teenagers walking around town on their lunch breaks and no masks. What’s different about them and folks just a few years older but who aren’t allowed meet up? Absolutely none.


  5. You couldn’t make this up as a black farce. How are you supposed to take the “leadership’ seriously? Could you imagine what would have happened with that lot in charge during WW2. I guess we’d all be speaking German…….you wouldn’t have to teach it to yourself!!!

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  6. It’s going to be like this for years now. No government would have an easy ride – Labour and Conservative would struggle. I am the first to admit that Bojo has performed some right classic Clusterfluckups – but he is being advised by so called ‘advisors’ – no one knows what is what.

    This virus will keep mutating and plans and schedules will constantly change.

    All you can do is to continue with what you are doing Gary and making the best of it my friend.

    I am a little shocked that schools are re-opening, and l think it is a disaster … but we have to start somewhere to get the ball of life working again.


  7. It sounds like you’re doing the “Cha Cha” (a step forward, a few back) the best you can. I can speak as a former school administrator that communication is everything. I’m sorry things are so up and down.

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