So much space…..

So all the schools are back this week. With some changes. A bit more of an encouragement to wear masks. All pupils to get a couple of rapid Covid tests per week. A test which gives inaccurate results in potentially 1 out of every 5 tests. But let’s not mention the giant elephant in the rather cramped classroom.

Most children and staff will be returning to classrooms in a country with rapidly emerging virus mutations without mandatory masks, in rooms likely to have really poor ventilation, with pupils definitely and staff probably without the security of a vaccination. And here’s the elephant entering the already cramped room. The PM has been doing repeated photo opportunities in classrooms. In carefully selected modern classrooms containing only a handful of children. Lots of space. But that’s not the reality for most schools. Too many are squeezed into small spaces. Nothing has been done to reduce the high classroom numbers. Not one thing. If Hawklad was returning then it would be to a class size which is between 30 to 32 pupils and 2 members of staff. In a building which is well over 50 years old.

Please tell me how this is a good idea.

56 thoughts on “Back this week!

      1. No, unfortunately most powerful people have one thing in mind: acquiring more power….I know that is so cynical. It’s hard not to be these days. Yet, I know sooner or later these people will be toppled and hopefully a leader worth the name will step forward.

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      2. People get so worn down by the impossibly heavy burdens placed on them by such governments. It makes it a super human task to stand up and say “no more”. I think if enough people revolted governments would topple. Easier said than done, I know.

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  1. Trying not to sound ancient here – When I was in school (even the university), you could open the windows. A while ago, they went around and sealed everything up to make it more energy-efficient. I was recently reading that those designs are not particularly helpful during the pandemic because most of them don’t clean the air very well and there’s no way to get fresh air in.

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  2. Well… maybe the elephant 🐘 in the room will trample all of the children before covid dose. We can always hope. 😇

    I tried… I tried so hard to come up with a good comment.

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