Well over a year now since I last walked through this gate which is close to our house. That is such an odd feeling. Venture through the gate and it’s a fun walk. FUN that’s a good word. Shouldn’t we be making as much of our life’s fun.

Dad what is it about Religious Education at my school.”

What’s wrong with it.

At my last school RE was often fun. Interesting trips out to Mosques and Christian sites. We found out stuff. Even tried new types of food. It was hardly ever depressing or sad. We often had a laugh and looked forward to it.”

And now Hawklad I bet it’s different.

You bet. It’s always sad and depressing. Very strict. The lessons are always on about death. Third year now and we have never had one moment of fun. Not one. Surely some smiles are allowed.

Yes there should always be time for some smiles.

37 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. Education can definitely be fun, interesting and enjoyable. The best teachers engage their students and can hold their attention. But if the teachers are given some wiggle room with the curriculum unfortunately their hands are a bit tied. That’s sad for both teachers who want their students to excel and the students.

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  2. I remember RE, though I think it had a different name. When it came to O levels I knew I didn’t wish to pursue it, so I went to inform the Sister concerned. She said “What makes you think you would be allowed to take it?” She didn’t like it that I beat her to it. Long lecture about atheists (which my father was). All she did was convince me I didn’t wish to be a Christian. However religion being the controversial and important thing it is in modern society, I think being exposed to all concepts is a helpful thing. Not dwelling on death, though, particularly at a time like this. Who thinks that is a bright idea? I wish I had helpful suggestions for Hawklad’s problems which are so complex. It is long overdue for his sort of problem to be addressed and not so casually dismissed. But he is very bright and has the best possible dad. I wish you both the best,


  3. Not a class I’d want to take either. Poor Hawklad. Seriously, religion without fun kills hope – isn’t that one of the core purposes for religion? To give people hope? To lift spirits?

    Wow, that’s so sad.

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      1. When I do 🤩 bonkers, but safe things at work; When someone thinks 🥳 I’m the batty one; When anyone actually says I’m the crazy one, 🙄 well then, I’ve a stock saying I make in a posh voice and with expression: “Sanity is sooooo overrated Darling”. 🤪

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  4. No fun allowed in British Education. Nope! Drudgery and useless facts… in lavender ink please. Anyone caught having fun will have to copy words no one ever uses, 20 times each, in rose madder ink please.

    Good thing Hawklad has a fantastic dad who makes it his sacred mission to have as much fun as possible😉

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