Finding time to live.

I think as you get older you start to realise the true value of time. We don’t have a finite amount of time to do the things we want to in life. In 2016 that point was brought into the starkest focus for me. Time can suddenly run out…..

So when the penny starts to drop the question then becomes Do you then do anything about it.

We all need to find time to really live.

I remember taking a job on the south coast of England. In Portsmouth. I was there for 6 months. It’s such a cool town, with much to see and do. It was new to me. In those 6 months I spent one afternoon wandering along the beach and looking at the naval history. That was it. The rest of the time I worked and basically just existed. Don’t get me wrong I had the opportunities to do much more with my time but I didn’t. Not much living went on there. Was I happy – certainly NOT.

Things are different now. Life has become a little too out of synch. Much feels out of my control. Beyond reach. Opportunities are not so apparent. But that fact doesn’t stop time slipping by.

Still need to find ways to live. Seize whatever opportunities that do present themselves.

We can do this. We can do some of that living.

60 thoughts on “Time

  1. You *do* find ways to enjoy your confined area, and better yet, share them with us.
    Blogging has certainly taught me that I can have friends that are caring and supportive, even though we may never speak to each other.

    We can definitely do this! Mongolian Metal style πŸ˜ŽπŸ€˜πŸŽΆπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  2. So, unless you’ve already done it, you really are going to try pretend camping in the living room then? Bed sheets for tents, torches instead of any leccy lights, wi’ windows open for the night and if you need a pee, then out and water the garden (unless you’re garden is overlooked). I’ve changed my mind about you using the banisters for climbing though.

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    1. Really Joe? You forget to breathe? You must pass out a lot, perhaps much more than college students pass out πŸ† and especially those who smoke 🚭 behind the bike sheds.

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      1. LOL. I don’t remember passing out so maybe it is worse than those “who smoke behind the bike sheds.” All I know is my sister is constantly telling me….”Just breathe! Don’t forget to breathe.”

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  3. In a way Covid and all it has brought to us has made me feel even more determined to be fully alive.. I feel more joy now than I ever did before.. And one day we will run out of time.. death reminds us of that but waking each day should keep reminding us..

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  4. I agree with you Gary, seize the day! There are still boring things we have to do, but otherwise turn to what makes you happy, even just the simple things. Fortunately I can be happy as a ‘writing hermit’.

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  5. This I am can relate with you. Been thinking the same way. And yes, we can do this. Maybe instead of concentrating on what little time we should concentrate on here and now and smile more. I know it’s hard to get out and about for you right now but what about just start with sitting outside at night and looking at the stars and moon and the beautiful sky and just breath and smile. Hugs Gary!


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