There’s always been a tree house we occasionally pass around here. Never seen anyone ever up there. Probably a good thing looking at how rickety it’s looking these days. But if there is ever a great flood I might just give it a go.

Currently getting through the day on zero sleep. Even watching Avatar didn’t work last night. After an hour no sleep was coming and I was bored out of my mind. So it was time to give up. At least I’ve maintained my record of never being able to sit through one complete viewing of that movie. Sorry I just don’t get it at all…..

Homeschooling is feeling very rickety this morning.

No information or class material for maths. So we guessed the subject. I tried to teach probability. That’s TRY. Remember no sleep…..

Then for French we did get a pack to work through the only problem was that it seemed like it was in a foreign language…….

Then Science. Absolutely nothing. Going to sound old here. But in my day they split science up into separate Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They never met….. At least you knew what subject the teacher was wittering on about. Now it’s Science. So when you get no support you end up even having to guess which branch of science to look at. In the end we plumped for Physics. Just because it’s my better subject. I them mumbled my way through trying to teach wave theory.

Is it bad to say I’m ready for bed already and it’s only lunch time.

44 thoughts on “Rickety

  1. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only person on Earth who was not enthralled with Avatar.

    Good luck with sleepwalking through the day,I am right there with you. Need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open because Mr. Sandman stood me up all night.

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      1. I quite liked it. The tree of life thing. Strange animals. The turning from human into something else. The Scottish painted faces 🔵 or were they 🟣 purple? I’m all for preferring fantasy over realistic violent films any day, as there’s enough real violence in the world as it is. Maybe I want to push my head further into the sand and my Rs in the air, so as not to see all the shite that’s going on.

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      2. My college studies included Child Psychology having to choose between several, horrible, real life cases. Of course I read up on them all (they call it doing a kitchen sinker, because you look at everything and the kitchen sink). I still store those horrors in my haunted internal library, but thankfully my dream imp 🧝‍♂️ doesn’t used that section.


    1. As for Avatar, they should have made Little Fuzzy, a novel written in 1962 by H. Beam Piper, into a blockbuster movie. It would have made more sense, as well as being a lot more cuddly and heart-warming.


      1. Maybe you need a Nanny telling you when “It is bedtime now Deary, so off you pop, spit, spot” and doing all the rituals early of teeth, bedtime story… Some people thrive on routine.


      2. I’ve seen a bit of Super Nanny, I feel she would see you get up and turn you straight back to bed, tuck you in and turn the light out again, time and time and time again until you fell asleep from trying to get up and turn on t’Internet to read this.

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  2. Hey Garry. I get the whole insomnia thing. Trying to function on zero sleep is the pits. Trying to home school after getting zero sleep, well mate, I don’t know how you do it! ❤


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