Always something to look at. Just need to take the time to find things to raise the spirits and lift the soul.

So far this week it’s been 8 lessons. 8 lessons of school at home. So what has been on the educational menu so far

Two lessons thankfully did deliver interest in the form of The Scottish Play and learning about some geographical features in Africa. But THEN…

An abstract artist he will probably never hear of again, some random French words relating to reality TV which he is unlikely ever to use again, drawing out a family tree, cutting an pasting some bible quotes onto the tree, learning about a computer app that he will probably never use again, looking at classroom comments in one class with no idea what was going on and three lessons with zero work provided.

The upshot of all this is too many lessons just missing the point with Hawklad. Just not connecting with him. Is he really learning enough. Is he really learning what he truly needs. Is he really enjoying learning.

That’s why you frequently catch him multitasking in many classes. Kind of following what’s happening in the class. Doing just enough. But then at the same time watching videos on things that do interest him. History, politics, geography, climate change, animal science.

Can’t blame him.

36 thoughts on “What

  1. He’ll learn what he needs to get by in this world. I still keep hoping he’ll opt out and just be done with “British Education”. They’re never going to acknowledge how intelligent he is, or help him in any way.

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  2. We cannot turn to the system those are just the cold hard facts. The great thing with Hawklad is he knows what he likes and enjoys to learn and who he is so go for all the exploration you can outside of the system, but it does suck that they do not put more thought into what could be useful to them.. A lot of what we learned in school really did not serve a lot of purpose looking back on it..

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  3. Declan does the same thing – except his videos are about puppets or puppet making. A little off course, but who can blame him. I’ve listened to his classes. They’re awful.

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