Yes it’s another one of those massive, multi lane Yorkshire motorways.

We are a couple of weeks into the start of trying to help Hawklad build bridges back towards the wider world again. It started with us taking the mad dog for a walk at night. Nighttime as it would be quiet with no other people out and about. Small steps in breaking out of walls that surround our little house and garden. The isolation which started 15 months ago.

We quickly realised that actually it’s always pretty quiet here, not just at night. So we started going for the walk a little earlier. Now nearer 7pm. Guess what. We still hardly see another soul. Currently that’s perfect for Hawklad. Very rarely we see a farmer or another dog walker. When that happens Hawklad immediately turns on his heels and heads quickly home in the opposite direction.

The other thing is that Hawklad doesn’t like to walk on the path. Just doesn’t feel comfortable doing that. So we walk on the road. Our massive and very busy road….

Well you can see just how big our road is. Just how busy it really is can be gauged on one fact. We have been walking every night straight down the middle of the road. Not once have we encountered a vehicle. The road is ours….

That’s such a cool feel. Such a cool feel for both of us. I can concentrate fully on talking and in the quiet bits, on dreaming.

32 thoughts on “Road

  1. So pretty! Looks like a perfect place for walking through daydreams! And YAY!! Hawklad!🥳💃🏼😁 Slow and steady. He’ll get there.

    I’m still hoping UK will offer Pfizer to your 12+ so Hawklad can get the vaccine.🤞🤞 I think it would help lower his germ anxiety. Maybe make him feel a little safer.

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  2. We have some regular traffic around us but during the beginning of the quarantine last year the roads were ours. It was a very cool feel to walk down the center without a soul in sight!

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  3. You and Hawklad are fortunate,indeed. We live in a rural backwoods town of 400 but the people treat speed limits and stop signs like suggestions. Which means when I let Spook ride her bike or walk with friends,I am wound as tight as a clock til she returns safely. I thought rural life would make me feel my kid was safer than in town but it really doesn’t.
    Enjoy ‘your’ road til the cows,goats,and pigs come home. Some of us envy the security that comes with that.

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  4. I think we need to set up and protest about the lack of barriers on that there road. I think it’s disgusting how the highways agency has left it, where car drivers could get hurt crossing the central reservation on that busy road and pedestrians alike.

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