A quick look at this mornings weather forecast sent me scurrying outside to cut the grass. Thankfully not cutting the farmers fields. I will leave that up to the cows.

I’ve heard of sleep walking but never heard of sleep mowing…. But it felt like I was doing that this morning. Today has been hard work. The body and mind have started to grind to a halt on the back of not enough sleep. Last night it was one our kip. Similar to the night before. And the one before that……

I won’t show you my attempt at nice straight lawn stripes. Think more Salvador Dali and his Persistence of Memory painting.

Add to sleep mowing, today I added sleep working, sleep parenting and sleep housework.

I have been barely functioning today. Not ideal when your trying to explain Double Replacement Chemical reactions. So add either sleep teaching or sleep chemistry. It’s odd what ever I did today resembled a Salvador Dali creation.

Maybe I’ve sussed out the secret of Salvador success. Maybe he wasn’t an artistic pioneer. Maybe he couldn’t sleep, he did sleep painting.

Salvador Dali, 1931

39 thoughts on “Salvador Dali

  1. I am sending you some sleep 💤💤💤💤 joking apart I don’t know how you do it. I had what I called a brain fog for the first 3 weeks after Len’s death. Last Monday Donna and I walked past the Dali museum 😊❤️

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  2. That stinks! I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping and how much it is affecting you from day to day. I really wish I could send you some good sleep vibes. Mine aren’t the best but they do sound a bit better! Hope you get one good night of sleep soon!

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      1. It’s okay. My feet are so sore! That stress fracture in the left is now aching in my right and then going across the whole top of the foot. It’s really frustrating. I want to be done with foot pain!

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      2. That is so frustrating. Do you need to change your trainers. I always bought Asics. I remember suddenly having a load of foot pain. Finally worked out that for some reason it was the shoes. I switched to New Balance and it’s cleared up.

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      3. Yeah, I think so. I am still wearing the ones I got last year but didn’t open since there was no place to run. Might be time for a new pair of shoes.

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  3. I love Dali, but I don’t love your lack of sleep. I only got about 3 hours last night, but there’s a big difference between 3 and 1.
    I know you worry about being there for Hawklad, and I get it. I still take my sleep meds (if the food coma doesn’t grab me first) when Ben & I are alone. Trust that you’ll wake up. You just will… it’s an inborn Parent Alert or something.
    Sending hugs!!💌💌💌💌

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  4. You need to get some sleep, my friend. Until last night, mine had been much the same as yours, but last night I guess my body just said, “Enough!!!” and I slept 9 hours! (The glass of wine before bedtime didn’t hurt any 😉 ) Take care, keep safe.

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  5. Not sleeping and then trying to accomplish anything is not easy. I’ve been in a similar position, for the moment, it seems better for me, I hope the same for you and that you are able to get a restful sleep.

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  6. I’ve been out of work since May 2020, and sleep is elusive. Trying not to drink more. Want to go back to work in September, just so that MAYBE I can sleep.

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