It’s nearly 1pm. I need to pinch myself. Is it really a school day. School at home day. So far absolutely nothing from school this week. No lesson material, no assigned work, no idea what the class is doing. Nothing. That’s three blank lessons so far.

It’s been that quiet we even checked to make sure we hadn’t got the dates wrong and school is on holiday. But no, it’s a full school day.

What shall I do Dad then….”

Well as we have no idea what his class was doing. No idea even what subjects the class was looking at. It’s a blank sheet of paper. A good chance for Hawklad to set the agenda. Take control of what he learns. So I said what any self respecting Dad would say.

Well Son you can go and wash my car……

No Dad. What school work shall I do.”

What one subject do you most want to learn about.

History, definitely history. Second World War.”

Ok spend the morning indulging yourself in the that. And when you finish. You can get off your backside, go outside and clean my car 😂😂😂


And that’s what he did. He studied the Nuremberg War Trials. He so far hasn’t got round to cleaning my car. But here’s the problem. He’s taller than me so I can’t really put my foot down anymore. I might just have to do that job myself.

50 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. What I respect, is that he doesn’t use the lack of information from school as an excuse to do nothing. It gives him the opportunity to learn what he likes and he grabs that. He probably learns more than way anyway.

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  2. I’m surprised Hawklad would even consider washing the car, given his fear of germs. Does that mean he’s actually not afraid of common dirt? I am so ignorant of these things. Good on him for being so interested in history. School has a lot to answer for :(:(

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  3. That’s awesome! Way to go, Dad! Hopefully he will get around to washing the car. It is a long weekend here in Canada, once known as Victoria Day in honor of Queen Victoria. So Canadian kids do have a holiday today.

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      1. I don’t think it’s called that any more but I could be wrong. It’s so funny that you don’t have it there as well. Perhaps there are just too many Kings and Queens for the U.K. to set aside holidays to mark their birthdays. Whole years of nothing but holidays! 🙂

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  4. I really hope Ben doesn’t get taller than me, but even if he does, I can still do “The Look”. Of course he’s perfecting “The Ignore”🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

    Looks like he’s transitioning into homeschooling proper just fine. I knew Hawklad has a brilliant mind, and his dad is excellent at encouraging and supporting him.

    Why wash the car? It’s just gonna rain again right?😆🤣🤣


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