It’s just rained again. No surprise there then….

I’m picking up the courage. The courage to go outside and do some gardening. I have pile of seeds that need planting. I’ve kept putting that off for weeks now. To wet, not enough sun, frosts at night. Problem is that April has gone. Now May is almost left us as well. Our short growing season is getting very short. I did plant some stuff at the start of April but even that has struggled. Plants appeared then stopped growing.

The only exception is one solitary potato plant in a bucket. That one is getting on with growing in this cold weather. I have high hopes for that plant. That plant feels like a winner.

It’s just about making the most of things I guess.

Next week is the school half term week off. Then it’s the school’s year exams. At present we just don’t know how they will work for us. With Hawklad currently being unable to get into school, it makes sitting exams problematic. We have no idea what the plan is. Do school send the papers to us. Does he do them online. At the same time as the other pupils. Or does he do them at a later stage. Does he even sit them. From what I can gather some of the subjects have been sitting practice exams over the last couple of weeks. Hawklad hasn’t…..

For Hawklad it’s just about making the most of things. Getting through to the summer and then it’s decision time. Can he return to school. If he can then is it best for him to learn in the school system or go it alone. Getting on with things regardless of the weather.

35 thoughts on “No Surprise

  1. You can only do the best with what you’ve got and it seems to me that the two of you have done awfully well in a situation that was made far harder than it should have been.

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  2. I’ve been reading your posts since I started following you, dear single dad. Reading them and commenting silently, I got tired. I got tired of the silence. You really need to hear this, I guess. You inspire me with your posts. This one is a great piece also😍💯.

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  3. Wow! Look at that potato plant! That must be a miracle for Yorkshire! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Well, it has definitely won out over all the other plants in the garden. Yep. *nods* Did you put any miracle grow on it? 😃

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  4. Well at least you’ll have bucket potatoes 🙂

    I spent the afternoon in the garden here, and l know l was out there and for a good few hours and yet as l look at my seedlings l think have l even made a dent yet? The spring season for planting out has been really bad.

    As to Hawklad, l have missed this in the reading of your posts somewhere, but why isn’t he allowed in school?

    They will have to provide something of merit for him surely with regards exams.


  5. I don’t know that any student is learning anything in the schools they way they are now.

    Hawklad is making great progress, but I believe it’s because he has a clever mind and a very supportive teacher/dad!

    I hope he chooses to go with his own program!! 🤞🤞

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  6. It sounds like you have come to the fork in the road and have to make a decision. On one hand, bringing school to the home has given you insight into what, before the pandemic, you were extremely unsure what to expect. Now you have *kind of* an idea. Nothing is set in stone either. If you chose one and then decide it is not for you, you can change to the other way. I’m sure you both will put a lot of thought into it. It will be interesting to see how the school handles Hawklad sitting for exams too!

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  7. Decisions can wait until the time is right. In the meanwhile you are sowing seeds of self worth, which is way more important than sitting exams in my opinion. Hawklad has a long life ahead of him, this is just one comparably short chuck of time.

    The potato plant looks fantastic. We’ve had similar fluctuations in weather here, makes planting a huge challenge. I cannot plant anything since we moved into this apt. building. I miss it.

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