Captain Chaos has his friends back. Every summer they return to the field behind our house. Yes summer…….

It’s the same ritual. This off the Cap plays it cool. Even when the cows lean over the garden fence. He ignores them. Plays it hard to get get. But after a couple of days it all changes. Suddenly he stops being coy. Then it’s time to get close and personal with his buddies.

Ok in weather terms, summer hasn’t arrived. But in terms of a mad dog, it’s definitely summer.

57 thoughts on “Cows

  1. Such incredibly sweet photos. We once had a German Shepherd/Husky cross that liked to race back and forth the barn with the pig we were raising. The pig was inside his pen which was a good thing, it may have been dangerous otherwise. Our dog loved this game, as did the pig. LOL

    animals are amazing ❤ aren't cows incredibly inquisitive?

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