It’s 430 am and I’m still to sleep. My alarm is set to go off in under 3 hours and I’m currently not hopeful. So sleep dreams might elude me tonight but I can still day dream. There is always something on the horizon to aim for.

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  1. Unless coffee has poked the bear, this I find so very true:
    But fill the day with labour, Ned.
    And work with all your might,
    For that will fill the hardest bed
    With softest down, at night.
    – Anonymous
    A Good Sleep

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      1. If I was up for the challenge, the journey is nearly 300 miles and over 5 hours away, so I think you might need to rope someone else in. So, I will delegate a full series of exercise to Zara, she is wonderful (as is her beautiful Mum Sandra). So, without further a do Episode 1:

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  2. I agree that’s a gorgeous photo, and I agree on the sleep. Sometimes it comes. Sometimes it’s one big NOPE. I had a bit of both this week–lots of stress about school stuff, but after following the twins around on a school trip in the sun for three hours I slept HARD that night. No dreams, but I slept, at least! So maybe following Captain Chaos and Hawklad for three hours may do the trick…hugs to you, Friend xxxxxxxxx

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  3. I have had insomnia my whole life. A writer’s mind can be so overactive in the softness of the night. For the past 3 years, since I was widowed when it really descended upon me, I have been listening to YouTube Meditation videos at night. It has really worked for me!

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