Saturday arrives and the Yorkshire summer is still trying to hold on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to feel warm but….. I don’t sleep well these days at the best of times. To have a chance I need to be snuggled under a warm duvet, not lying on top of the covers feeling uncomfortably warm. So the warmth has made sleep even less likely. I’m now getting use to operating through the day with two hours sleep at most. Weeks upon weeks on that. That’s not ideal, it’s not healthy but that’s how it is.

The brain so easily just boots up in auto pilot mode. The body is awake, the brain less so.

It’s Saturday, so I start the day with a yoga session. And thats what I remember doing. So why then after about 15 minutes do I suddenly realise yoga isn’t about throwing a kettlebell about. I can’t even remember taking the kettlebells outside with me. Maybe it was sleep kettlebelling….. Still could be worse. At least I was clothed. At least it was my garden I was in. At least I hadn’t just fallen asleep on the yoga mat.

The worry is that the home at school project restarts on Monday for another 7 week block. The return of the early morning alarms calls are not going to help the sleep.

But on the bright side I have not resorted to early hours QVC or pointless reality TV watching. I am using the extra hours awake to focus on what is truly important to me. That’s why I can still do this. That’s why I might be tired but I’m smiling this Saturday Summers day in Yorkshire.

43 thoughts on “Summer sleep

  1. I remember a landlord of mine falling asleep on the motorway and their child having to take control of the wheel. They also fell asleep driving a tractor and ploughed it into a dry stone wall. I sincerely hope you take this kettlebell incident seriously as a wake up call, literally waking up to the fact that you need help to get some sleep at the proper time and the right amount. Finally: Do NOT drive.

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  2. We are just starting a 5 day heat wave…sans a/c so I get to test the device I purchased recently that cools a small area. It’s a portable evaporater/air cooler….I doubt you have such a thing in England. We’ll see how well it works. I too like being cuddled up in my bed.

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  3. Finding reasons to smile is so important, and yes–keep off the pointless TV! I hope Hawklad will feel better about school soon…or at least ready to tolerate it again. I know a vaccine for children is in the works, which may help everyone feel much better!

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      1. Maybe. We had some family time at the local pool, and she wanted to jump at the deep end (10 feet). I told her to jump at 6 feet, which is right around the drop-off–and where her feet can’t reach the bottom. She jumped and panicked. I pulled her to the wall and explained that THAT was why swimming lessons matter so much–so she doesn’t panic in the water and knows how to be safe. I think she gets it now. 🙂

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