Can’t let Captain Chaos off the lead even here. He only has two modes will out. Head in all directions accept forward and CHARGE….

So Hawklad is busy building Lego sets. All about working on his fine motor skills. For some reason he likes to build these outside on the patio.

So there he was nearly completing an old Lord of the Rings building. All very intricate and delicate. Hours of work and then…..

My sister appearing at the back gate.

Captain Chaos is mad but goes the maddest of mad when there are visitors. Like DCs Flash, he was getting to the gate at near the speed of light. Two options. Go the direct and clear route OR head the longer and Lego blocked way. Only one option for a Lord of Chaos.

Lego everywhere. You wouldn’t believe how far Lego can fly and roll. Days later we are still on a recovery mission.

Oh what fun.

54 thoughts on “Charge

  1. Sounds like you’ve got your own Dogzilla🤣🤣 It is truly amazing how big a mess these furballs can make! They have such boundless joy though, so it’s difficult to be angry.🥰

    Happy Father’s Day Gary Kermit Superdad!! Not sure if it’s only a holiday in the US, but since I’m IN the US, I can extend it to all awesome dads!

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  2. He’s such a cutie!  My daughter had labs and when holding one of the grandkids as an infant, Huck came charging up to me on the porch to say hello.  Scary but he was so friendly and solidly powerful.  I miss those dogs.

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  3. He is such a beauty of a dog though. I think I could forgive such a face just about anything. I hope you manage to find all the lego pieces. Reading other comments and your answers I see Hawklad was not enamored of the surprise visit. I hope all ended well.

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  4. There is a way to let him go berserk when on a walk. There are laundry lines (I hope they’re in your part of the world, too) that come in a long line (used for camping, more often than not – the plasticky type thin line). Putting a loop on one end so it goes around the collar (or the loop on the collar, but not around the neck), and the other in your hand. Release the line slowly as he wanders, but have a word to let him know he’s at the end of the line (so it doesn’t jerk either of you off your feet). Once they get used to it (and the word consistently used to let them know the end is coming), it makes for an enjoyable run for both participants. It’s not allowed in some parts here, but I still use it when training a new puppy/dog. I consider it a bit like a long lunge rein, except for a dog rather than a horse. It may help with the issue of over-excitedness at home.

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