Suddenly school wakes.

After hardly any communication from school suddenly it’s almost communication overload. Almost.

Missing exams papers are starting to arrive. A push to squeeze an annual review meeting in before the end of term. Some class notes from a missing in action subject. Interestingly it looks like our best guesses at what this subject has been doing in class since the schools reopened again 4 months ago have been completely wrong. Hawklad is way off topic. But as we have had no class guidance then what can we expect..

Then more Art trauma. Why is it so often Art. Hawklad submitted his exam piece and was pleased with it. Clearly the teacher was less pleased. The feedback is that the teacher had not received a final submission and had only received a rough draft drawing… A rough draft….. That rough draft is Hawklad’s (who has dyspraxia) best effort.

Hawklad’s take on all this. A shrug of the shoulders. One of those looks. No he won’t be submitting a final piece as that would be a final final piece. He will happily take a poor mark and then even more happily drop the subject in just 4 sweet weeks.

49 thoughts on “Standing alone

  1. How arrogant and insensitive is that? But good for him that he can simply throw the whole art subject issue into the bin since he won’t need it anymore anyway!

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  2. Way to go Hawklad! Stand your ground. You did the work within the guidelines you had to follow or rather the lack thereof. And really my guess is that you far outdid the trite and trivial that the others turned in. A school that does not provide guidance throughout the year does not get to determine now what is missing. Nothing would be missing if they did the job they should have been doing in the first place. But alas such is the way of archaic institutes that cater to a specific class and ideal. Bah humbug I say. And is the art class really called Art Trauma?????? Or is that the name you have given to it? Hugs to both you and Hawklad. I realize this comment is a combo for both of you.

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  3. I’m no help, for I’ve gone all angry on his behalf. You know what BABASP, if I was in Hawklad’s earshot right now, I’d tell him to finger paint squiggles in brown paint all over whatever it was he had sent before, and send that back in.

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  4. Art is really subjective. I had some tutors who loved my work✨😁 but others hated it 😭, almost making me loose my confidence… But these days I think that making Art is more enjoyable than seeing what people think as it is very subjective … 😊🎨🌼

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      1. Honestly it breaks my heart.. here is this beautiful boy and all they see are their own ideas of what is right. it makes me so sad and angry, Gary.. ❤ Anyway Hawklad is wise … lets just hope he gets it this is not on him.. hugs..


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