I walked past this tree and was thinking about what could be. What still could be.

I was listening to the self absorbed numpty who is frighteningly in charge of our countries schools. He was saying that children needed greater discipline and should work harder to catch up with the targets the Government had set for them. He had just announced that pupils would be banned from having mobile phones in school. They need discipline. Which is interesting as that doesn’t apply to members of the Government. For security and probity reasons Government Ministers are not supposed to use private mobiles and private emails for official business. Well guess what. Apparently they all are breaking the rules and they don’t care. They are above the rules.

Anyway this numpty was waffling on about how pupils should focus on the subjects the Government are pushing. They needed to learn the areas that are selected for them by those above them. Yes they can have options but carefully selected options. Options that are in the interests of economy. It was time focus on the important stuff.

So if Hawklad stays in school from next year he will have to study. English, Maths, Science, Religious Studies, Citizenship. From a really narrow option choice he will also study History, Geography, Design and Computing. Within those subjects the range of areas covered and the sources of learning materials are carefully controlled.

But here’s the thing. If it was Hawklad’s true choice then this is what he would study.

History and history and history and history. He would also study Maths, English Literature, Geography, Archeology, Geology, Animal Husbandry and Zoology. He is keen to pick up those computing skills he needs but on his own terms and at his own pace. Religious studies is something that he believes should be on his terms and not predetermined by someone else.

See there is a difference. An important difference and maybe that difference holds the key to why his country is in such a mess. Why his country is so inward looking and narrow minded. To me that says everything.

25 thoughts on “What could be

  1. I hate your Government, as much as I hate mine. Which is a lot. We need to vote them out, because I don’t think any of them are going to voluntarily leave. Stamer though is really, really … really weak =/

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      1. I can’t settle it in my mind, because you’d think. Even with a Government that puts money before health and mental health. They’d still want to take care of it’s citizens, not make it worse =/


  2. Citizenship, what? Religious studies, why? ‘…the sources of learning materials are carefully controlled.’ Beyond ominous. Sounds like something George Orwell might have written.

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  3. Supporting individuals in their personal strengths is costly. But this is precisely the secret of successful countries with a high level of education and satisfied inhabitants.

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  4. Hawklad has picked himself a better curriculum than those in charge. Honestly I would think anyone of the narrow options of history, geography especially would be more important than a required citizenship class.


  5. I agree. Hawklad should be allowed to study those things first. It sounds like a great range to me and I actually hate the idea of kids having religion forced on them. Yes, they should be aware of the different religions and that a person’s choice is personal and to be respected. That should end it. As for citizenship..,what exactly does that consist of? Over here I had to take “World Problems”..in 1964. I had not a clue what they were on about. Worse year of my schooling American High School. Yuk.


      1. Signing cheques? They’ve been phased out here and no loner accepted by the banks. Surely they must be close to being a thing of the past over there too?


  6. Why not just make a bunch of robots? Seems like that’s what they’re after.
    How is the economy going to be better if everyone is trying to do the same job? Is everyone just supposed to be some kind of clerk or something?🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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