This morning I mentioned that school were kinda hoping that parents would help with a homework task of forage jam making. I was not hopeful as basically I am the culinary equivalent of an accident prone Lemming.

But I had missed the obvious. Much wiser friends than me came up with the idea of just substituting some shop bought Jam. That’s a plan we can sign up to. That’s a worry. A couple of years back Hawklad would have been mortified at the thought of breaking the rules. But now not he is not so principled. That is my influence.

So we ransacked the cupboard. Can you believe it. No Jam. Not even any deeply hidden years out of date jars. The nearest thing was jar of Mango Chutney. Needs must. We steamed the label off and we had forage jam…

But we had a problem, the first home label said ‘Mango Jam’. Ok Mango isn’t a fruit you often find foraged in Yorkshire 😂😂😂😂😂 So we now just have Fruit Foraged Jam. Hopefully the colour and the lumpiness of the Jam won’t be questioned.

41 thoughts on “Uranium jam

      1. Teachers don’t actually read blogs do they? If you are a teacher and you are reading this blog, then I only have one more thing to say:


  1. Still missing a trick with those rose petals BABASP. In any case, they didn’t say how big the batch and it could be really little.
    Oh man alive, look what I just did when I Google searched the word “Eggcup” and found this in the land across the roses 🥀 🌼 boarder:

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    1. There can be anxiety over breaking rules set or unwritten ones or being late by one minute or forgetting something… and even if we are not atypical, these things can upset us. Learning how to cope with these things takes it out of some more than others. That’s why we have to be patient with each other, even the “Normal” people.

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  2. Hang on, what sort of foraged jam do they expect in June? Either the Yorkshire climate has changed drastically over the years or someone at the school really needs to think about this homework.


  3. lol.. thats so cute. I would have been a smart ass and ( unless there was a rule it had to be fruit or even edible) went out collecting grass, leaves and bark- blending it and pouring it into a jar. Label- “Nature’s Bounty”…hoping that the kids would not be forced to actually eat it.


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