In Food Technology today Hawklad was set the task to research how wheat is turned into flour. I was expecting this would set him off about the health aspects of bread. Maybe the additives used.

But NO.

His line of attack was – flour mills go through all those stages, make all, that effort, spend all that time. This is on top of the months of hard work performed by Mother Nature. So much effort and then a certain muppet Dad can’t even produce a half edible loaf of bread. What was the point….

Fair comment.

The other task was to forage and with parents help make some Jam. I remember the last time I tried to make Blackberry Jam. Even after two ceiling repaints I can still see the evidence. That Jam stain has a longer half life than Uranium 235. Plus Hawklad hates Jam.

Maybe we might opt out of that one. 😂😂😂😂

21 thoughts on “Uranium

  1. I suppose chilli jam would be step too far?
    I also know that jam is easy to make (or so the tv chefs tell us) bit of overipe fruit, Apple for pectin and sugar. Boil, stirring, cold plate to test boiling point – and voila- burnt pots, broken plate, burnt lips and mouth and as you say repaint ceiling.
    Don’t give in though!!!

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  2. An easy jam to make is fresh strawberry frozen jam. 

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  3. Maybe just put some store bought jam in a bowl and wah-lah! Project achieved! (I have no idea where my kids learned to take so many short cuts with their school! 🙂 )


  4. As a descendent of Orcadians, I suppose it is only right that I point out Beremeal and the word Bannocks. I will find the link to where it is still milled.


      1. I lived within walking distance from the mill. I wonder who lived in that house now? (a few minutes on Google search later) Oh my word, the house is done up and is now an Air B&B. Well that’s weirded me out.


  5. At least you tried. The next project could be “how to make good ceiling paint from blackberry jam”. That way the evidence was eliminated.


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